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Type 9


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There's rea;;y only 3 places it can leak from.

Rear oil seal.......front oil seal inside the clutch release tube, or the paper gasket

between the gearbox & bellhousing.


You did replace the plug after topping up the oil?????

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Chris at BGH said my rear oil seal had gone all floppy (Quiet Ken!)

I fitted it about 2 years ago when my prop shaft let go.

It was from a local factors.

He recommends only fitting a seal from a known manufacturer.

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Well ordered seals come with all 3 gonna try and attempt doing rear seal by undoing engine mounts etc and moving engine and box forward slightly then doing it through gearstick hole watch this space

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They are just a little tricky removing old ones because the outer case of the seal is about 20mm deep.

Bob, stop drinking a mixture of oil and KY.

Your seal will leak a lot less then.

Was your shaft being overworked at the time when it let go?

Sorry Bob. My eyes are a bit deaf.

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One thing with the rear oil seal is not to be too fussy how you remove it!!


A hooking great old screw driver and a knockometer is all you need.


Refit using a socket of the right diameter and a bit of lube (Bob Tucker) and it will slip in with a bit of persuasion.

Don't forget to grease the seal face though or it will burn on 1st use and start leaking again!!

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