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Rx8 6 Speed In A Zero 😃


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Hello all , long time no post ....

anyway enough of the reminiscing has anyone swapped the type nine for the Mazda gearbox yet ?

I'm just about to change mine and any info is appreciated

I think I'll change from cable to hydraulic so that means a new pedal box ( fancied a new one anyway )

As I understand it the output spline is the same size/ pitch as the T9 it's just the oil seal I need to change and the box is almost the same length

Any one attempted this .......😃

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There's a chap started making conversion plates for this job on eBay.

I have his phone number if you want it just ping me.

I am getting a vaux to mt75 one off him. £120.

I am sticking with the cable clutch and just going to modify the fork to make up the space added by the plate.

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Was going to do it but ratios put me off. Easy swap by all accounts


Might mate well with a 3.14 or a 3.38 diff, but this will increase the cost significantly

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I think the 5 speed ratios are somewhere in the thread on Turbosport. I think they were similar to a type 9 but with a higher first and a more even spacing. So would be a really good option if not the best. Depending on the diff ratio etc. the 6 speed seems to give a first gear that is too low to be useful in many cases.

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MX5 boxes are:- 5spd 3.136, 1.888, 1.33, 1, .814.

6spd 3.76, 2.269, 1.645, 1.257, 1, .843

Type 9 std 1st is 3.65


the six speed box has quite close ratios but I suspect a 5 speed may be better suited to a light car.

I've a 6 speed in my Mx5 and I seem to be changing gear lots, fortunately its a very nice change.

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I'd sooner have less changes than forever on the stick.

Nice to start with but on any longer journeys, what a bind.

3.1 is a nice long gear for a light car with 3.6 or under on the diff.

I use mt75 box on LSD 3.62 diff and I find first well to short.

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As 2b cruising, I have the mt75 'box and 3.62 lsd, first is a waste of time, almost always pull away in second, so I'm only using 4 speeds, looked into the 6 speed Mazda 'box and it was pointed out to me that I would leave out first and another on the way up due to the ratios and getting fed up changing gear, not sure which engine you have but with a very torquey 2.3 16v I really don't need more gears, the Caterham 6 speed (the ones I've seen on Ebay anyway), have sixth as 1:1, now there's a workout for your left foot, lol.

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As Dan says, pay attention to the whole package - gearbox rations, diff ratio and the nature of your engine too. Torquery, non-revvy engines will more than likely be much nicer to drive with a 5 speed with nicely spaced ratios... the general problem with the Type 9 is a short 1st.


If you've just after a sensibly priced replacement gearbox (since people do seem to be asking the earth for Type 9's these days) then it certainly is worth looking at. If you're after some sort of performance improvement then spending some time with a suitable spreadsheet, looking at gear speeds and change points, would be sensible and might make you realise it's not what you'd hoped.


If anyone needs one, I've got a few, or the Quaife gear speed tool... lots of things out there on t'interweb that will help you calculate it and compare options.


EDIT: Attached for you...


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6 months ago there were pleanty of 5/6 speed Mazda boxes on eBay.

Now they all seem to be asking well over the £100 mark.

Doesn't take long does it.

Another box worth a go would be the Omega box. 24/28.

Good for up to 300bhp hard driving.

Only slight problem, no speedo take off as it was done through abs sensors.

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