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Brake Lights


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Brake lights stopped working checked out feed to switch all ok ,duff switch,question when you remove the switch does brake fluid run out and brakes have to be bled or is there some sort of seal to stop the fluid????

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Ive changed mine twice. I had the second switch ready to install,

& had my brother (not SWMBO) slowly depress the brake pedal

as I screwed in the new one. Fluid bleeds out the threads, until its in tight.


Check the brake feel carefully.....if it still needs bleeding, theres nothing lost.

You already have someone sitting in the car ready to pump!!

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Guest 2b cruising

As Bob say's. However if you don't get away with it, it's not the end of the world.

Brakes are Easy to bleed.

If you don't feel confident I'm sure there is a member willing to help locally to yourself.

As the other Bob says, Chevy the switch first. If you have feed to it, check there is power from it on the other terminal when pedal is pressed.

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