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S3A Build Manual


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Don't think there was one. What stage have you got to with the build? There is a set of DVDs (very poor quality!) if you can find someone who has them. I put mine somewhere safe and guess what? Can't remember where. Didn't find them very helpful though.


If I can find them I'll let you know



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How far down do you want to strip it? I (well myself and Marg) stripped ours completely down to the basic monocoque and then rebuilt it to the standard that we wanted it to be. If I can be of any help with info when you are ready, send me a PM.


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The build DVDs are all on YouTube. There are 14 of them, mainly based around the 2B but should have some relevance. Worth watching if only for a laugh :) Just search for 'robin hood build videos'. This is Video 1


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I probably still have the masters that I could copy

They have a rudimentary index that I wrote out but no chapters so you have to fast forward

Yours for replacement dvd's and postage

If you would like to send me a copy I'll put them on YouTube with the rest, I already have copyright permission from Richard to do so, could be of help to someone.

also if anyone has any different ones I would happily do the same.

I don't mind paying for dvd's and postage if required.

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