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Identifying Donor Car Used For My Kit

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Hi I brought a Robin hood 2B 26-07-2016 The car came with no history as such. How can I identify the donor car reg year to get correct parts?


Car Reg on Kit is GIG7004


The engine is ford pinto 2 ltr


Kit was registered 1999


Regards Richard

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Sorry Richard, it would be almost impossible.

The reg number is odd....normally you would expect to see an age related plate

ie the same year as the donor, or a Q plate.

Your reg looks like a personalised one, and may have been put on by a subsequent owner,

not the original builder, so even if it was built by a RHOCAR member, he (or she!)

would not recognise it now.

Can you trace back owners from the log book?

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Check your v5 again. Mine gives the registration date as 1997 but also a note saying declared date of first manufacture as 1985. The number pate looks to be NI and probably a personal one put on by a previous owner. An HPI full check may show the changes in number plates, mine did for my MR2

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Thanks for all your help, registration number I did find a bit strange, You have all given me ideas of ways to establish the year of the Donor. I,ll post when I find out.

Many thanks, Richard

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