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M20 Closure This Week-End

Al Milton

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In case anyone is planning a trip via the M20 this week-end, be advised part of it is being closed all week-end to remove the remaining part of the footbridge that was hit last week-end.

The closure is between junctions 2-4 in both directions, starting 8pm tomorrow (Friday).

The M26 is also closed for the duration.


Just a heads up


For some reason I can't insert the link........



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That wasn't the cause.

A silly driver didn't lower the digger arm enough after loading it onto his truck.

The bridge was only a lightweight footbridge and the other side of it has stayed up across the north carriageway unsupported all week.

Superb engineering.

Lack of care by someone obviously either untrained, or unfit to be placed into what can be a very danderous weapon.

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I read the other day the account from the 73 year old biker who was injured. Brave bloke doing 70mph he threw his bike to the ground and slide underneath the collapsed bridge........makes me think of some kind of James Bond film...


"I didn't get a lot of time. One minute the bridge was there and the next it wasn't. It all happened so fast.

"Initially all I saw was one end of the bridge come down. As the bridge came down, I threw the bike on the ground, and I ended up just clearing it.

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