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Very Lucky Escape


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Well back in hospital today for 1st check up. All looking ok. Had a peak at X-rays... hmm that's gonna be fun getting through airport scanners. Both Knees now held together with loads of pins, straps metal plates and I'm sure a few cable ties ha ha. A work of art.

Been told right knee is in worst shape and likely to be in full plaster for 10-12 weeks.

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Was going to "like" your post... but the only thing to like is that all is looking ok. Hope you're feeling ok and hope to call in to say Hi when you're ready for visitors.

We need your X rays posting up on here, probably better engineering than a standard RH kit


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Guest 2b cruising

Thanks for your kind words in my other post Terry.

Early 1980 something I smashed my right knee in several places.

It was my right knee and like yourself I had lots of pins and even some windlassing to keep it all together.

A couple of years ago I had to have a complete left knee replacement.

I was in the army at the time so recouperation was Mage important.

Three month of work, loads of physio put me back on light duties.

4 months all pins taken out

12 months back to four miles a day running after starting of with just a few yards walk and then a very slow and gentle hundred yards jogging get.

I ended up back on 15 milers a couple of times a week. On top of taking the rest of the workshops for their pt, I always finished off with a couple of miles at my own pace.

My broken knee is still holding out with absolutely no faults or pain.

Don't give in Terry and do every bit of physio you are asked to do.

I was back on my feet, running and kneeling down within 3 months.

I was fortunate enough to know,the importance of the physio whereas the neighbour across the road from me was still hobbling around after 12 months.

All the very best young man and I hope your recovery is relatively easy on the pain for you.

I have plenary of moresomthing if you want it.

Nasty stuff though if you use it to much and for too long. That's why I have lots of it to take back to the doctors.

If you can avoid Trammadol, do so as that is what gets me in a mucking fuddle on here sometimes.

Regards to yourself and all your family, Ken.

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