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Does Anyone Recognise This Engine Mount?

Guest TruffleHunter

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Guest TruffleHunter

Hi Guys,


Does anyone recognise this engine mount and where I can buy another? It fractured when my 2.0l Zetec backfired and I'd rather replace than repair. I've had a good look at the usual sites but not found it.


Thanks in advance,





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That is perhaps the least 'fit for purpose' item I have seen in a long time. All the stress is focussed on the point where it fractured. The backfire was the straw that broke the camels back. Would have broken half a mile down the road anyway. To fit a similarly designed one will just repeat the failure.

I would suggest you design your own new one or buy one from someone who knows what they are doing.



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Guest 2b cruising

As above. It looks home made and I wouldn't use it to mount a food blender to a worktop. Re-design by someone who knows what they are doing is required there. Remember:- always safety first.

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