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Possible Head Gasket?


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So, thoughts on this?



Its just one thing after another. Car has only sat in the garage and has the throttle bodies adjusted since this and the last video i posted. Unsure if its just from being sat but it seems clear at idle and only when revving. Can't check again now as its playing up AGAIN and not revving at all now (goes lean and tries to die) but that could be a completely new problem.


But yeah, open to suggestions. Was hoping to make motofest this weekend, preferably not as a steam engine lol

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I had this years ago on a vauxhall nova.

It turned out to be the inlet manifold gasket failing and allowing number 1 cylinder to suck in water which gave a nice steam cloud out of the exhaust.

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I have a feeling there was a coolant duct into the original manifold that with the swap to the bike throttle bodies it may be leaking which my gasket paper covered and blocked off (now on original gaskets which aren't ideal as my adapter plates aren't perfect either) - so thank you Ian I shall check that out.

First call is to try the gasket paper again, I'm becoming a pro at getting them on and off so shouldn't be hard.

Then I shall look at the fuelling again, it is running very rich as problem after problem I have not been able to sort this out - however this is only happening on the LH bank and 1 spark plug out the 3 was looking wet - coincidentally the one by this extra coolant duct.

If it does still appear to be head gasket it may be goodnight on this project as MX6 engines are getting rarer and parts are either stupidly expensive or non-existent....

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