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What A Track Weapon This Would Be....

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What business would show photos like that? Why not 'prep' it first, before taking the photos? Looks like a heap of junk that's been sat in the back of a yard for years... tidy it up first and they could have asked for £25k...

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I was at Santa Pod a couple of months ago and some guy there had a standard-looking Mini which did a 10sec quarter mile time, hitting 136mph :blink:


I got talking to him in the paddock later and he still had the standard 1.6L BMW engine (all the internals uprated) and a turbo that was almost the same size as the engine - he said it made about 450-500bhp - from a 1.6L engine!! :)

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Those guys with the mini (if they are the same ones) are from a company called 1320MINI.

Its where Ray had the Corvette set up although the actual ECU set up was done by

Dave Rowe who set up EPS dealing wiith MOTEC ecus.

The guys were very knowledgeable about all things automotive & helped us out with

a couple of parts including a new trigger sensor after ours failed.

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Cossie's might be able to handle a lot of power but that ain't a Cossie YB it's a zetec with a turbo conversion so the power claim is probably pie in the sky and that then makes you question all the other claims in the ad.

One of the tyres looks like a Toyo Proxes T1R which wouldn't be up to the demands either.

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