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Just thought I would post a good customer service story. Generally hear the bad but no so often the good.


Back in May after nearly burning my car to pieces I bought a 40amp compact alternator from Car Builder Solutions.


Arrived next day with a 1 hour time slot text to me. I was sat waiting like an inpatient child!


So, after the wales trip I was getting some weird low charge situations which got worse as the weekend went on. Not enough to stop or cause issues but got a bit concerned.


I did all the normal tests and was getting a maximum charge of 13 volts.


Spoke to CBS (around 3pm Thursday) and they confirmed I had done the correct tests and that they would send out a replacement, no quibbles at all. The new unit arrived next day (yesterday) at 11am.


All fitted and working correctly again.


CBS emailed me a shipping label to box up the old one for a free return.


Now that's what I call good service. Might not be the worlds cheapest on the unit or postage (but what I felt was a reasonable price), but you get what you pay for and the car is back and working 100% within less than 24 hours of diagnosing the issue.


Just wish I still lived round the corner from them, picking stuff up used to be much easier!

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agree been using CBS for a few years now and always had brilliant service

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I regularly visit them. its a typical family run business, they are anxious to provide the best service possible.

Top marks. And as said before, you do get what you pay for.

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