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Vacuum Hose


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Hi Everyone!


I'm after advice on what type of vacuum hose people use on their engines...


I've had a couple of rough running issues when up to temperature on my 2B, which I believe may be down to the 4mm ID vac lines collapsing when they get warm.


They feel pretty flimsy at room temp so I wouldn't be surprised if it was the cause of my problems.



I've since bought some more expensive Samco stuff, which in my opinion is no better than the cheapo stuff I already have.

Where possible I've used 4mm thick wall copper tube, but there are some lengths that need to be in flexible stuff.


What's everyone else using that doesn't collapse and where do you get it from?




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I've used silicone hose from auto silicone hoses from ebay. In fact I've used it for all my engine hoses water, oil and vacuum with no issues so far. I much prefer it over rubber as it's more supple which means it's easier to get over things which is important when your arm is bent in three angles it's not supposed to. Also available in a selection of colours

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