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I know its not a kit but is anyone any good with caravan electrics

Basicaly when pluged into mains it charges battery at 13.5v so perfect but doesnt doesnt stop charging and cooks battery and

When plugged into car it doesnt charge battery at all yet got power to the 2 relays swopped them for new and no change even bought new switch control panel no change

Does the car power go through the charger

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Very much doubt the charger is in circuit for both mains & alternator powered charging of the caravan battery. Suggest disconnection of caravan battery & only charge "off line" until the problem is sorted.

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Sorry but too many unknowns to help.


Is the car cam bus or an older vehicle as it depends what system you have to use in order to connect split charging to power up your battery.


Not as simple as may be first thoughts.


Check that your charger in the caravan is working as it should


Regards Martin

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Tested car on anorther caravan all good and anorther car on my van no good

Factory fitted and all working

Fitted loads of towbars over years and yes know all about telling ecu or by pass

Had caravan nearly 10 yr and had this problem on van with last car but only just got round to sorting it

Cant get a wiring diagram so just going to have to trace back i think very complcated van for age

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For battery charging Pin 9 (where no 1 is on clock face )

Is the live for charging battery and think its called pin no 13 (it's where you see no 7 on a clock) is the earth for charging

Should be quite simple to check these run straight to leisure battery

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