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3a radiator


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hi guys ,I,m running a sierra rad at the moment but looking to up grade ,to a more efficient one ,the 3a seems to be a little short on space has anyone any recommendations,Ebay has plenty of choice at a resonable price some including an electric fan are they any good ?

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Make sure all the gaps around the radiator are blocked so the air has to go through rather than around it. You need somewhere for the air to escape too. Then you have extracted maximum efficiency out of your radiator. An electric fan is a good idea as it works at maximum speed when you need it and not at all when you don't.  The expensive fans are much more effective than the cheap ones as others on this forum will testify. Having said that my sierra radiator and cheap fan cope with my modified redtop on road usage with no problem.

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I have a 3a and last year swapped the radiator. 

I also used coolex, but got the cortina rad. 


It was a direct replacement with hose fittings in correct places. I had the fan fitted (engine side) and a temp switch also. However for it to fit in i had to remove the fan bolted onto the front of the engine. 

I contacted them through ebay for measurements ect, but got a small discount when purchasing by ordering over the phone (no ebay fees for them). 

Good service and rad works great. 

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thanks guys the gaps around the rad are the next job but i will need to remove the nose cone to get in just arkward to get to ,retirement is soon(end of may) so will get some time to work on her at last,so will do both jobs at once ,plus I might treat the car to a respray ,i like the mazda red metallic

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