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  1. Has anybody got an idea how much it would cost to send a pinto head and with who ,i think some companies won,t handle something of that weight ,i,m sending from yorkshire to southhampton
  2. Well last year the rear shocker snapped ,today one of the front ones snapped at the threads so more expendature ,is there ever any respite ,I only want to go for the occasional run out ,OK now the serious bit ,new dampers and springs ,damper tach i assume but reccomendations on lengght and spring rating ,the car is fitted with its originals atm but i have not started to remove them yet so don,t know any details ,if any as the are rusted up thaonks guy,s kelvin
  3. kelvinnoel

    fed up

    Thanks gentlemen
  4. kelvinnoel

    fed up

    i have been trying to figure out what i can use as a n insulator ,i thought glassfibre insulaton but how to fix it in place ,need to mull it over
  5. kelvinnoel

    fed up

    Finally I have got a working clutch (admitedly we have had 2 holidays inbetween and i have had major problems with my kia but thats for another forum) it turns out the heat from the exhaust had melted the plastic sheeth on the cable and blocked the cable running free,so out it went and a new one fitted but its over long ,the rprevious owner had split a piece of wood to space it off ,I AM not quite that much of a cowboy ,so i,ve made a bracket and sleeve to fit the cable and hey presto a working car ,now i need to give her a good clean down and polish and the open road here we come ,but not today its too warm and i,m tired with a capitol "F"
  6. kelvinnoel

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    Rant number 2 on our way to the caravan for a few days and a prat in a jag 4x4 decides he needs to be over the white line to overtake a parked car and hits my door mirror smashing that and the drivers side window and just keeps going .I can,t remember breaking a mirror lately rant over
  7. kelvinnoel

    fed up

    thanks richy very interesting read ,i will try some of the suggestions
  8. kelvinnoel

    fed up

    following on from my last post about clutch problems i decided to change the clutch assembly ,I got the car up on ramps and axel stands at the rear only to find that the floor pan has been welded ,so the gear box carn,t be slid back to get to the clutch ,so the engine need s to come out ,not easy when you don,t have lifting gear ,thing is the clutch looks almost new no oil on it in fact it has a little rust on it so its dry ,I am at a loss as to why it won,t disengage ,well half the time i got it on the ramps with no trouble .I am at a LOSS at the moment ,maybe i wil loosen it off while in place and blow out any crap with the compressor never know i could work .rant over i,ll try it tomorrow
  9. used last weekend ,it has been iffy for a while ,hard to select gear .I do think the clutch plate is not disengaging,so I,m guessing the pressure plate is knackered
  10. its as though the plate is not disengaging but the cable is ok, tight enough
  11. It just won't engage but the car tries to move forward
  12. Hi people, I just can't get any gears, I have no problem when the engine is not running so assume the clutch is the problem what I need to know is any tips or possible pit falls ,it's a 3a with a 2.0 pinto and type 9 gearbox , I was hoping for a easy year this time round but the kit car gods seem to have a different plan
  13. No 1 is the front of the car neatest to rad
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