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  1. kelvinnoel

    Which Head

    I have bought a newman high torque cam to install over the winter my question is fit the standard head or an injection one I,m running a weber carb ,and both heads have been polished up and the valves reseated I,m not too bothered about top end speed but the grunt to power out of corners and maybe drift it a little ,yhanx in advance gent,s
  2. kelvinnoel

    Reclining Car Seats

    Can you measure their width at the bottom 3a are narrow
  3. I should be OK as I only live 10 miles away 99% sure
  4. kelvinnoel

    Bloody Potholes

    I had to go a little close to the kerb to avoid a caravan and found a pothole which the rear shocker couldn't deal with ,in fact it caused it to snap frightened me half to death ,has anyone got a pair for sale asap , I'm going to try and get the council to pay for the repairs ,but I need my kit fix
  5. kelvinnoel

    Pinto 2.0 Exhaust Manifold Question

    I had a nightmare trying to remove mine to wrap it take steering shaft out of the way and expand the hole ,But I made a strengthening plate to fit afterwords
  6. kelvinnoel

    Gbs Narrow Seats

    Can you measure the width of the seat at its widest I, have a 3a and it's only 19in max room
  7. kelvinnoel

    2.0 Pinto Efi Unit

    Hi Chris, I would like 100 for it ,that's what I payed ,if you decide to buy it I will meet you at meadow hall to save costs all round
  8. kelvinnoel

    2.0 Pinto Efi Unit

    I have a head it,s stripped down ready for porting but haven't had chance to start it yet , all the valves, springs, followers, etc are all there ,let me know if you are interested
  9. kelvinnoel

    Mirrors Similar To These?

    I bought some from rymotor China for a Kawasaki z1000 in chrome for £26 including postage they look the business
  10. kelvinnoel

    10.2 Volt Battery

    But is that enough to cause the problems even the radio only just lights up
  11. kelvinnoel

    10.2 Volt Battery

    My little toy died on the day before I took her off the road for winter, I had a short blast and it wouldn't restart,so recharge the battery and start looking for an earth fault everything seems ok but the battery is only reading 10.2 volts could this be the problem?
  12. kelvinnoel

    Wobble Under Braking Cured

    After checking just about everything it has turned out to be the simplest , the wheel studs were standard length so only 8 mm or so were holding the wheel on replaced them with 13 mm over length and I can now brake hard with crapping myself ,
  13. kelvinnoel

    Radiator Pressure Cap

    Thank you gentlemen much appreciated
  14. kelvinnoel

    Radiator Pressure Cap

    Somehow I have managed to lose mine and these cars do not seem to run very far without one anybody got a spare ASAP.of course i will pay plus postage ,many thanks in advance
  15. kelvinnoel

    Cylinder Head Identification

    Now I am definitely confused. The injector head has a definite curve in the inlet passage surely those will restrict the flow , I have taken some photos of the 2 as a comparison ,now to try and upload them,bare with me on this as me and computers have a love hate relationship. the file is too large