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  1. Sammas09

    Vacuum advance

    Hi, thanks for replies. Yes it does have a non standard cam in. I believe it to be a fr32 Kent cam. Yes it has electric choke. I assume it to be working, how would it be tested?
  2. Sammas09

    Vacuum advance

    Hello everyone. Ok so here's my query, The previous owner of my robinhood swapped the carbs from the 2l pinto engine from weber twin dcoe 40s to weber 32/36 dgev. After the swap the vacuum advance was never connected up due to it being broken on the distributor. The engine has never run perfectly since I've owned it, which I believe is down to it not having the vacuum connected. The car does drive and is useable but I'd like to improve engine power, as it gets up to 60-65mph it runs out of pull. Now it's off the road for the winter, I've been wondering about the vacuum port on the carb, will it have been blocked or is it a simple case of fitting a new distributor and connecting the pipe up? Thanks everyone