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My VVT pro has failed again, so ST170 engine is under power. Spoke to ME and Trigger wheels they suggest to get the ME100. It can run the engine and provide VVT control, has anyone used a ME100? Any comments about fitting?

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My VVT pro was bought direct from ME just before they sold it to TriggerWheels, and has been problematic although it does seem to still work, but only in 2D mode. (Advertised as 3D.) The software is in my opinion something out of the 80's. Very clunky. Seems to refuse to do and confirm changes in the map but when I next drive the engine note changes where I have made the map changes so it does seem to have accepted them, even though the software says it hasn't. I have had zero support from ME. I'm not convinced Trigger wheels understand it either and they have no obligation to me anyway.

I couldn't recommend buying an ECU from ME due to my opinion of the poor quality of their software and lack of interest/assistance/customer support, although I have had no experience of the ME100. Haven't spoken to them for 3 years so they may have changed.

If I was going for VVT control again I would upgrade my Omex 600 to any of the quality brands that included proper cam control, such as Omex or Emerald.

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Mark. When I was researching for the duratec the me221 was the version that did the usual Ecu stuff with a built in vvt controller and lambda control too. 

It also did some other stuff too That I didn’t need. 

I went down the the route of microsquirt but might be worth speaking to Stu (the duck). Mega squirt might be a route to consider and he knows his stuff on them. 

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12 hours ago, Andi said:

So this is ignition only... What is your engine set up Mark? 

St170 with twin 45’s, running with mega jolt and VVT Pro. I have purchased ME100 now so next free day I will fit with base map. 

Thank you

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