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GBS Silencer


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Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone is running with the GBS large silencer. I'm getting headaches when driving the 2B because of the noise, even though I run a sport 200 cell cat in front of the original silencer. At around £300, non cat version they seem expensive, but if keeps the DB's at a lower level then perhaps it will be worth the expense. I'm running a 2.0 Duratec on throttle bodies, and my MOT station does not require emissions checked, so no need of a cat. 

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Guest MrToad

I'm using Power Flow for my exhaust systems they were very reasonably priced and you can find fitters all over. They will design the units to suit you with different noise and sound characteristics plus they are stainless with a guarantee for life.

It's early days for my system as I only had it fitted and IVA tested late last year but it cleared the sound measurement with ease although my power unit is a turbo which cuts down the noise produced considerably and it is pre-cat. I've already had to test guarantee as welding leaked slightly and this was rectified without trouble. 

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Yes it went though the IVA with a pinto, that didn't  require a emissions test due to year of manufacture. It was given a Q plate, the engine change was notified to DVLA, a updated V5 issued. At this year's MOT, I fitted the Cat in readyness for the emmisions, but was told it didn't need one. I didn't argue the point!

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GBS silencer on my Mazda Zero was so quiet, they didn't even test it at IVA lol. Did a track day after around 5k miles and it was still only reading around 96db if I remember rightly. The problem is they begin to rattle as the perf tube isn't properly fitted into the tailpipe end. I've just stripped mine out, removed the (basalt?) packing and replaced it with Acousta-fil. But also, replaced the perf pipe and end caps so the perf pipe is fixed both ends.

Total cost of redoing the 2 silencers has been around £150, £100 of that was the exhaust packing which in reality, would probably have been fine without doing but I don't fancy messing about with it in the future - got bigger things to sort out - just need it to be quiet enough for a couple track days ;) 

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