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Hi all, just thought I would say hi. Im a newbie to the robin hood scene having recently purchased a lovely 2b, I am based in the north east!

I hope I can share knowledge as I am a fully qualified mechanic although im here now to hopefully hear advice from all you experienced people!! 

Im looking to swap my 1600 pinto for something with abit more grunt, now I have a Vauxhall redtop engine in my garage how many have done this conversation Vs a ford engine conversation? Any advice would be awesome! 



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Hi Martyn. Good to have you on board. There are quite a few red top conversions and I'm sure someone will be able to help shortly. 

There are also some vxr turbo nutters about too


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Thanks Andi! 

Vxr sounds awesome! But scary, I just want a fast road car so im weighing up zetec or redtop options.... Zetecs seem quite difficult to find now though! 

Look forward to hearing from others experiences

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Harder to come by now but if you already have one do it! Mine is as simple as you can get with a distributor and twin 45 carb's but makes good power and is a good engine to drive with loads of torque. I didn't do the original installation on mine but I did re-engine mine with a much better unit and replaced many bits and pieces associated with it so may be able to anewer some questions. 

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