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Engine Missfire


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On the way to work today doing 50mph the car started to lose power with noticeable change to engine noise - louder.

Pulled over immediately and let the engine idle and it seemed OK.

I was around a mile from work, oil pressure and temperature was fine; after a quick Rev I risked it to work and the remaining mile was uneventful

It sounded to me like it was missing one cylinder, but that’s based on little experience.  The whole episode lasted around 60 seconds and car is fine now.

Any words of wisdom? I’m going to give the electrical side a look over the weekend specifically the injectors and coil pack connection.

Any other areas of interest you think are worth investigating? Will the emerald k6 have logged any data of use? The car has done 1,500 fault free miles and it’s a Zetec Blacktop; it’s also been on the rollers and properly mapped around 1,000 miles ago.



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I have the same setup as you and had a similar problem, although mine was much worse - major stuttering and kangarooing down the road.

I replaced loads of stuff - spark plugs, HT leads, coil pack, re-wired coil pack plug - nada, made no difference.

Then, while trying to get the Emerald datalogger to work,  I sat idling on the driveway for 10 minutes. Drove off and...misfire gone.

So I put it down to dirt in an injector which cleared by just letting the engine idle.

BUT....the misfire has appeared again this last weekend - not as bad this time but still there.I'm hoping it's just a dirty injector again and I think I will start by replacing the HP fuel lines - maybe they're breaking up internally and blocking the injectors? Shouldn't be as they're R9 and only 6k miles old but cheap fix to start with.

The Emerald datalogger is not much use IMO - does not have any diagnostics or error logging simply because there are no sensors like a normal engine has. It just shows you a graph of RPMs, injector and ignition levels etc. Also, you have to specifically turn it on - it's not on by default so won't have recorded your event.

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