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Robin Hood Series 3 kit £750

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Mostly untouched kt including:

the S.S rolling chassis and type 9 gearbox (no engine)

S.S petrol tank,cap and sender. S.S louvred bonnet. Rear Mk.3 wings. Front cycle wings and brackets. Nose cone and grill.

4 into 1 S.S manifold x 2. S.S exhaust x 2. Heat shield. Various trim edgings. Windscreen brackets, frame, glass and rubber trim.

Bonnet catches. Seat squabs and backrests. New lighting pack, headlamps and housings, rear lights, fog light, indicators and repeaters.

New brake pipes and unions, new fuel pipes. 2 new electric heaters. Set of wheel nuts. New wiring loom. Pedal box cover. Handbrake plates.

Nose cone side plates.New coolant hoses. Shortened propshaft. New seat belts. New steering wheel and boss. New handbrake cables.

Used electric fan, Radiator, pedal box set, wiper arm set, Brake servo, Handbrake.


£750 please email jamescheetham29@gmail.com with any enquiries







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Although this is a non-member selling this I think it's worth allowing the advert on the basis that they are offering it to members first.

This looks to be a very well priced package and would no doubt be a good starting point for anyone looking to start building a kit.

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And it's a new series 111. Would also suit anyone with a very tatty or bent series 3 or new 111 who wants to rebody.

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