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Spare parts for a tiger cat e1

Paul redfern

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If I remember correctly the Cat E1 used a sierra donor, so unless brakes have been change to aftermarket parts, sierra parts will fit. 

Suspension will be specific to the Cat E1 you could go to tiger themselves - https://www.tigerracing.com/  or you could go to someone like procomp - http://www.procomp.co.uk/ - who are highly regarded for all suspension related matters on sevens.

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19 hours ago, Paul redfern said:

Hi all, im new to this i have just brought a tiger cat e1 and was wondering where i can get spares from like shockers brakes etc thanks paul

There is no one-stop shop for parts - use Google and eBay, put a search in for what you want and go from there. Personally, I try buy from established companies first (Car Builder solutions, GBS, Tiger), then I go to Amazon and finally to eBay.

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