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Zetec turbo

Guest Matt

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On 9/23/2019 at 8:30 AM, Matt brown said:

Process would be slightly different due to us using the st170 bottom end with the blacktop head but we went from bike carb to injection plus turbo for around £1500-2000 pretty easy to do though. If you already have injection you can save nearly £1000

Matt - do you have a blog at all the documents the process? I would be keen to tackle this over the winter months.  

Blacktop 2.0, I did a little research just need to get a parts list together and got stuck with turbo model and exhaust.

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I have fitted turbos to tens of cars, a few for my self and a lot for friends. 

Parts list would look like this:

Turbo and actuator

exhaust manifold or adapter to turbo

Exhaust header to turbo

Air filter ideally fed from outside of the engine bay  

oil lines, feed and return

water lines, feed and return

some vacuum and pressure lines for boost control, EBC if you desire, or a VSV switched on a duty cycle via the ecu

intercooler/chargecooler if you run over 7psi boost and a BOV/Dump valve,  recirculating if you have a MAF, recirculating or atmospheric if you go MAP

Intercooler pipe work and clamps, V band clamps if the wallet allows with Mikalor clamps on the flexi hoses to decouple it from the engine movement. All Mikalor clamps if not V band  

A MAP sensor ideally over MAF to control fueling. 

Bigger injectors or a fifth injector on boost. 

A plenumn chamber is the usual choose over throttle bodies if you have those, ITBs take boost incredibly well but it’s harder to manufacture parts and tune trumpet lengths, room is also our enemy here. 


If if you love loud noises as much as me a screamer pipe is glorious. You can use a separate silencer like the Ferrari F40 or raw noise to the ears 😄 Some people have valves to switch between screamer and recirculating. 

Tou will obviously need time, tools, fasteners, fabrication skills. 


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Core is AH fabrications extruded internal micro fin. Very efficient flow. Bar and plate is highly restrictive.

End tanks designed on a flow bench to utilise the Coanda effect. Tested on a flow bench after build. 

Pipe work welded as much as possible. 

Stopping for a biscuit  is most important. 







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Japan black for maximum heat transfer 



Core tube size should match the indernal pipe diameter perfectly in cross sectional area orbit creates compression and heat. Out going pipe work to the turbo 15-20% larger CSA to decompress slightly and swamp cool further. Length of core as long as possible. A 7 nose cone is the worst shape in the world for an intercooler tho. A charge cooker would be more fitting on a 7 car. 


That at was a £7K install and I did all of the welding and fabrication at home. Parts are not cheap if you go for the best results. The exhaust manifold was over £3k alone. 

I used to love working on cars, if only I had the time I used to have to play. 

I still have the flow print outs at home. Miss that car!


For reference if anyone is interested the turbo is a Garrett GTX3076R and ran 2.4 bar boost on Sunoco fuel. Went like a rocket!

Adrian Smith at Fensport mapped it. He is the best mapper I’ve ever met but only does Motec and now some other brand. Shame he doesn’t do Emmerald!


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