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Good stuff at Lidl this week

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I've always been tempted by their stuff but just feel it MUST be pants for those prices - a drill bit set for £3.99?! Surely that will last 5 minutes..? I did once buy an electronic toothbrush for £10 but it stopped working after about 2 weeks, so kinda put me off forever.

But the cordless soldering iron for £10 looks a good idea...dragging an extension cable across my garage is a pain...

Anyone bought their stuff in the past and found it to be ok?

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I've had a few things from them over the last few years with no problems.  The things I've had work well and were good value for occasional home use but probably not what you would consider "professional" quality.  I don't think I've had anything actually fail on me - except my memory???

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Yes Ive bought a few things over the years too. The drill bits are a bit hit and miss. Generally very good, but on the odd occasion, not so. The step drill bits have been a godsave.

The impact screwdriver I got about 5 years ago is faultless and is better than the wifes old dewalt. (yes honest... she was a fully fledged carpenter).

Today I got yet another magnetic tool strip and a recip saw.

And a packet of fridge raiders :yahoo:

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