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Fuel tank seal


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I am looking for a way to seal where the filler pipe enters the original 2b fuel tank. The previous owner seems to have destroyed the rubber that was there when trying to install. 

Anyone know where I can get a replacement or an alternative?

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Was just a single giant grommet back in 2011 -- it was a Ford original part though -- not an after market one. Fit the grommet to the tank & with a little help from some lubrication the filler pipe just pushed in. Not seen or had any reason to doubt it's still doing its job.

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The Exmo that I am rebuilding had the same filler design using original Sierra grommet and filler pipe. It worked well for all the time I had it on the road. Dismantling for the rebuild I saw that the grommet had hardened and would need replacing, so I looked for a new one....... the cost as you have probably found is now north of £30 if you can find one. I resent having to pay lots for something so simple. So I have made and fitted my own filler pipe by making a flanged tube and bolting it to the tank. I copied an idea I saw for sale on the web for ones made in aluminium, but wanted stainless steel. I do have a welder, and probably spent more than £30 in the end if you consider time and trouble etc. Here is a photo. The ring that goes inside the tank has nuts welded beneath. I have not filled the tank yet ...........


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I thought I could weld directly to the tank, however, with a trial piece of SS of the same thickness as the tank I soon found the limits of my MIG welding skills. The tank seams are welded by bringing the edges together as deep seams that are welded at the edge, this removes the problem of blow through and reduces potential warping.

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