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Robin Hood 2B weather cover


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Evening all, I'm very new to this kit car stuff, however, I have just bought a Robin Hood 2B and looking forward to some fun miles this summer, if we get such a thing !

I don't have a garage, well not one that's not full of motorcycles, so have a couple of options, take heated storage here, where I live, but I just know that will be expensive, or buy a weather wrap, which would allow me to keep the car in my drive, ready for a quick take off, if the sun comes out ?

Anybody here got any recomendations on what to get ?

I can't be the only kit car owner in Scotland who does'nt have garage space ?

Cheers guys ...

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Welcome to the club! Make sure you book in for the end of season bash a brilliant well organised event and a good chance to meet everyone.

I had the same problem when I first started and purchased the StormForce 4 cover. You may feel it is expensive but it is so well made it is worth every penny.

since then I have moved all my work tools / racking out of the garage into the spare room “a very happy wife” and had the garage plastered and now the car in stored in the garage, I do use the cover from time to time when working outside and don’t want to bring the car in.


See you soon


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Like you my garage is used for other storage, so my Superspec stays on the drive all year. If you don’t want to pay the price of a Stormforce cover, which are very good, there are some cheaper options. But to a large extent you get what you pay for!

I’m now on my 3rd car cover in 6 years. Got my first one from CBS which wasn’t bad and lasted nearly 3 years. It had a fleecy fabric surface that eventually ripped from repeated putting on & off. I then replaced it with a cheapo 2 layer cover but that only lasted 2 years before the outer plastic surface started to crumble and disintegrate.

I’m now using a Halfords All Seasons cover which seems much better. It has several breathable layers with a plasticised outer and a fleece liner and is more heavy duty, but needs a bit of effort to lift over the car. Time will tell how long it will last but it seems fine after one winter. It has 3 tie straps that are supposed to go under the car to hold it on, but I found them difficult to use quickly so I now hold it on with long bungee straps over the top. I would say check the measurements and don’t get a cover that’s too large for the car or it will flap about. XS was fine for my car. 



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Yes I’m still using that Halfords car cover. Into its 3rd year now, but it is showing signs of deterioration. It’s not fully waterproof now as I notice water on the bonnet after taking the cover off after heavy rain. The material seems fine, not flaking like some others I’ve had, the seams are still intact, and it hasn’t cracked or torn, so not sure where the water is getting in. I do notice the cover seems to have stretched a bit over 3 years. It now drapes on the ground at the sides which it never used to.

For the price it’s lasted well. I’d like to see how a Stormforce cover at twice the price would do. 

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