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Powder Coating near Coventry

Jez Morton

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Central Wheel in Coleshill do very good, reputable powder coating. I've seen their work and it's very good (it's where I'm going for my suspension arms to be redone this winter)... another option for you, maybe a bit closer. Last time I spoke to them, start of summer, they were busy so it was a bit of a lead time (4 weeks)


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9 hours ago, Andi said:

Chassis black Por 15 paint. With metal prep. I don't work for them, but if I did I'd be there best salesman.

I did my wishbones and mirrors years ago. Toughest paint there is



Interesting. Does it settle with a brush finish or does it look smooth once dried (assuming it can't be sprayed on?)

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The satin look one is flawless with a brush. The gloss not so. I think it can be sprayed. Not sure though but they do sell thinners. Just make sure the top coat you get is the UV proof one. Oh and btw is cured harder and quicker in the damp air. Which is why they use them on oil rigs

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