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Superspec for sale


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Hi. A friend of mine is reluctantly putting his Superspec up for sale. I've seen and heard it and all appears to be good to me but will obviously need closer inspection. Mot till June. He is firm on price though and is happy not to sell if the price isn't reached. I think it's pretty standard. It has the Rover 2 litre fuel injected engine. I will get more info if its needed for anyone  interested. Based near Chichester, West Sussex




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If he's not a member then he probably won't be on my list, so that would make 40 current Superspecs we have traced 😀   When he realises he is not going to sell it (In 9 years of watching Superspecs go up for sale I have never seen one sell for more than £6500 and that was almost brand new) can you get him to contact me either via the forum or at alan@rmrsoft.com as I have a ton of useful information on the car and engine that he might find useful.



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Agree with Alan, price is high, I sold mine a year or so ago for under £6K (but i wanted a quick sale) and I had fitted brand new guages, leather seats and interior ,exhaust & tyres, it was also one with the "Gold" Titanium finish,  so I would say around £5k-£6k is going to be closer . But you never know if the right person comes along

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