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Track rod ends

clive pritchard

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The upper track rod ends on my 2B limit the downward travel of the suspension. 

I can't find a part number on them.

The problem is because the tail is near horizontal,  but the pin is already 10 degrees off vertical when at normal ride height.  As it tries to travel down the outer part of the socket touches the pin.

There is about a 3 degree bend in the tail, which adds to the problem.

If I could find track rod ends with about a 10 degree bend upwards it would solve the problem. 

The tail is 14mm 1.5 pitch. The pin is tapered and I think a 10mm thread.

Why does nobody publish a list of whats available with drawings????

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many thanks for the replies.

Sparepart, I just found that Frap site this morning, and I think I found a replacement that is cranked, but by how much it doesn't say...I then found a qh equivalent.. a pair for 12 quid, so I might but them in the hope that they do the job.

Richy thank you, the end i have is 14mm thread, so not the transit one listed, I hope its man enough for the job! I can't see hom the angle can be changed as the tapered pin is set straight in the part that clamps into the hub. I did wonder whether i could just get those bits turned but with the tapered hole set so it is vertical, but i doubt there is room.

fingers crossed the qh bit does the job, otherwise i might change the wishbones..

again thank you both.

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Hi Clive,

I have modified struts on my 2B now, but I don't remember having any issues with the originals, at least not like you're describing.  Can you post some pictures and someone will probably be able to figure out what's going on.


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