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Looking for help!!! fuel filler cap


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Hello I’m new to the kit car game and recently have purchased my first RH I’m very happy with it,  there are a few things I’d like to change upgrade etc as you do. Im handy with a spanner but sourcing parts seems to be my nemesis. Her is my issue My fuel filler cap is tired and the rubber is perished making it look untidy. I would like some advise or direction on finding a replacement please 🤞. The diameter is 105mm 




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Hi Andy, welcome to the club.

I had one of these on my 2B and it always leaked when you accelerated hard.  I re-sited mine and replaced it with one from Car Builder Solutions - www.carbuilder.com

It's worth having a look on their website, they might do something that will fit with minimal modifications.


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17 hours ago, richyb66 said:

Thank you, you have confirmed my thoughts on the matter. Yes it looks like a lot of work has gone in to aligning and cutting the metal etc. I was thinking last resort would be putting tread plate over the hole and starting again.  Hopefully in time one will pop up in my search 👍🏻

I have foind

the exact match it’s actually a fuel cap Yamaha use on there yzf models managed to purchase  A new one from Amazon for £20 😅. Thank for the input guys much appreciated 👍🏻 I’m sure it won’t be long until I need more help. 

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