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GBS Cars and Coffee


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Hi Dave,

For some reason I'd got it in my head that it was on this weekend and I was thinking of having a run out if it was dry - you've just saved me some embarrassment and a wasted trip!  🤫

I'm not sure what we're doing next weekend yet, but with a bit of luck I'll see you there (on the 11th).


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A great day out.   For me a 100 mile round trip in perfect weather and road conditions (Except for the occasional gust of wind to make it 'interesting').  Unlike the last time when you just couldn't move for cars, this time there were a reasonable turnout, mainly GBS Zeros, 4 Robin Hoods (I think, although I may have missed some)) and a smattering of 'others'  (Ford Mustang, Ferrari kit...), so there was plenty of room to park in the forecourt.     Apart from Dave(Hawknorth) , by coincidence the other 2 hoods were from Grantham very close to me.  As the new Membership Secretary I gave the hard sell for the Club 😀

gbs 2.jpg

Note the price on the latest Zero (Ouch!)

Here are 2 Hoods

gbs 1.jpg

And I managed a prime position in front of the Showroom 😀

gbs 3.jpg

And the cakes were as good as ever !!


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