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EuroBash 2023


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(I'm extending this out to non-members as I'm not being inundated with interest 😀)

I am hoping to do a week long tour of (mainly) France in June, 2023 and would really like to have some company- a bit less interesting on my own 😉 . If you've not done anything like this before, it is a bucket-list ticker - French roads are smooth and empty and the Alps section in particular is beyond pretty (think Scotland but with sunshine, bigger mountains and no traffic or midges).

Below are some rough details - please let me know if you are interested.

A rough route:


(I'm only using Google maps to get this overall view of the trip but it's too darn clever for it's own good; I think it's taking into account closed mountain roads and current COVID restrictions, so it can't calculate a route for the 2nd half of the trip, hence my roughly drawn thin blue line - I hope you get the picture)

Dates: 10th - 17th June, 2023

Day 1 - ferry to Calais (or Eurotunnel if we can stretch to it) and then a slog, mostly on Autoroutes to Limoges (about 470 miles).

Day 2 - Limoges to just north of Montpelier, via the Millau viaduct (260 miles)

Day 3 - to Cannes along some hopefully nice bits of the French Riviera (230 miles).

Day 4 - possibly a couple of hours in Cannes to see the sights then a short hop up the famous Route Napoleon (145 miles)

Day 5/6 - Hairpin Heaven - typical Alpine roads past famous ski resorts and a brief squirt into Italy (170 miles per day)

Day 7 - Lake Annecy, Jura mountains - last stop near Dijon (190 miles)

Day 8 - slog on Autoroute back to Calais and ferry home (360 miles)


Around £1,300 all-in (ferry, fuel, tolls, food, accommodation etc).

Rough breakdown:
    Ferry - £100-£200 (more for Eurotunnel, unless you get Tesco vouchers which makes this free!)
    Tolls - £50-£100
    Accommodation - £400 (7 nights)
    Fuel - £400 (I originally costed this out before the current situation, so this may be more, unless prices drop by next June).
    Food - £200

NOT included: insurance and breakdown cover


This is a single, circular route, staying at different places each night. I will be providing sat-nav routes which we can stick together on but you're welcome to make your own, go your own way etc. My routes avoid motorways (except day 1 and 7) so if you're feeling too tired on a day, you can just navigate by the fastest route to the hotel for the night.

Personally, I like the driving (and at a decent pace) rather than sightseeing, although regular coffee stops are a must! I'm not an early riser, so I tend to be up at 7.30am and out by 8.30am (unless you consider that early, I guess?).

A kit is obviously preferred but you're welcome to come along in anything you want.

What now?

Nothing - I will probably start booking things in the Sept/Oct 2022, so there is no rush and I don't need to know numbers yet. This post is just to make you aware, have a think, start saving and begging with the other half/work to let you have the time off.

Should you need any persuading about the joys of mountain roads, have a look at my Alps trip from 2020:


So, hope a few of you want to join me - watch this space for updates.

PS: I am happy to put a few people up for a night before and after, if you have to come from further north.

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Hi Fil,

Nothing booked yet -once I've set the routes fully, I'll look for accommodation. I've looked at a few locations and there seem to be a reasonable amount to choose from. I'm hoping to get hotels/gites/AirBnB for up to £50 per night although it may be more for a double for you and I'm guessing I may have to pay more near Cannes/Nice, for example.


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