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2b stainless chassis


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Hi all just a quick question does the stainless 2b chassis suffer any cracking issues with the welds like you get on the monocoque hoods. I already own a monocoque 3a and have been looking at a unfinished 2b with stainless chassis. Any advice appreciated thanks



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I was going to reply but richey beat me.

There was plenty of info about cracks in the mono cars.

I have not read any about the 2B chassis and I have been a member since 96 when this forum was just starting.

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As a 2B Superspec owner I can confirm the stainless tubular chassis is incredibly strong and to my knowledge no-one has ever had a problem with cracking of welds on the main structure.

The only welds that are known to have cracked on a couple of cars, including mine, are the cross plate that holds the steering rack to the chassis tubes, and the L-shaped bracket for the Rover engine front engine mount. Both easy to spot and fix. 

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