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Thanks Neil,

The pictures seem to be a bit dark in this issue - not sure if it's me or the printers. 

I'll have a chat with Nick and see if we can get them better next time.   Give me a few years and I might know what I'm doing 🤔


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Great read Foz, I didnt notice an issue with photos darkness..


This magazine is only made possible by members submitting photos and / or articles.

Over the years, all editors have at some point struggled with getting in enough content to get the mag to the printers.

So if you have any snippets or stories, please send them in. It can be anything car related, from builds to rebuilds to over winter mods, my first drive, my kit car collection, why my partner hates my car obsession, my best crash, my worst mistake, my track day, my huge mechanical mistake, my smashing my car up rolling it off the trailer (sorry AP Godden), any visits to car events of any kind or just a detailed account of a run out.

And anything else you can think of. It`ll be better reading you piece than it will reading the news.



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Hello, got my 1st magazine on monday 😀 I enjoyed it. It great a club puts something together etc.

Ill start do a feed on my new Kit car now owned it for a few months. Also do a winter/Spring Feed of my progress and all ups and downs of playing with it changing things etc. 

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