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Should I buy or Not


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I have put a deposit on a RH2B, it was built as a track car and I want to strip it and rebuild it for the road. I’m paying £700 without engine or gearbox but the IVA issue is giving me second thoughts. Comes with a new body kit.

What are your thoughts please?


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The IVA is nothing to be worried about, if anything it's an experience to be enjoyed, it's bigged up to be horrible & daunting, but TBH it's not, I've done 4 SVA's & 3 IVA's (I think) & each one was different but enjoyable, even the fails. At least with the fail you get a finite list of things that need rectifying, you can talk to the inspector & ask him exactly what he wants to see to get a pass, which sometimes is not how you have read the rules.

No idea on the price, scan Fleecebay & Feacesbook to see what people are asking for them now, but your £700 is going to be about £3500 by the time you've bought a donor, IVA & all the other bits & bobs. 

Also depends if you want the experience.

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Sort of depends on how handy you are - done any car work before? Restoring an old kit is much harder than just starting from scratch; corroded parts, a completely unknown electrical system etc. £700 sounds pretty cheap to me - I paid more than that for just my gearbox...depends on the condition and how much work it will need.

Got any pics?

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Not sure if this is allowed, I don't think it was years ago as the club wanted all adverts in the same place, so please somebody edit the link out if not allowed, https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/353810727308470 is a 1991 unregistered car that has engine, box etc. you should be able to compare what you are getting with one & not with the other & decide if they are worth the £800, if they are not then your £700 is a good price, if they are worth more than £800 then it's not so good.

Just to be clear I have no connection with either seller, I just happen to stumble across the one on FB & thought it worth offering another option, it also could depend where the OP lives.

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