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Side lights on 2 b

Darren Knowles

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Assuming you've checked fuses etc, have you checked your getting power from the stalk switch? If you are then unfortunately it's probably going to be a case of tracing wires as no one knows how the car is wired except the builder (if your the original builder then happy days)

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8 hours ago, Darren Knowles said:

Hi guys 

sorted i changed a blown 10 a fuse still no go but put another one in couple of hours later and they are working again! Must of been a duff fuse i dragged from bottom of toolbox! 
thanks for the advice😃

Been there, done that.

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i had same issue, turned out to be corroded contacts in the switch. gave it a good spray with WD40 and moved it up and down a lot, eventually started working.

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