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    Rear Hub Bolt

    Nope just got basic tools from halfords, nothing spectacular Will probably have another look and some pictures on thursday.
  2. WallerZ

    Rear Hub Bolt

    Hi all, Has anyone got any tips for removing a hub bolt that the head has sheared and the bolt is rusted to an extent that the car can be lifted off the axle stands when trying to be undone. It's the rear right hub, lower bolt. I would like to re-use the hub so non-destructive would be preferable. It's an MX5 if that helps. Cheers, Zach
  3. Hi all, What sort of sequence of tasks did people follow/find out worked best when building their kit? With about 2 weeks to go until collection, the last thing I want to do is dive in and find that im installing and removing and re-installing. It's difficult trying to figure out what to do when the things not sat in front of you and I want to spend as little time as possible wondering what to do next or re-doing things
  4. I work full time 8-5 weekdays, so will try fit an hour or two or three in the evenings and a fair few weekends on it. It's the new Mazda kit GBS have so hopefully it will flow together nicely... I'm trying to have everything here and ready so there is little time waiting for parts etc but as you all know, there will likely be something missed. I may have a second pair of hands towards the summer but likely to be on my own, maybe a helping couple when the going gets tough. I have plenty of humour, taking my donor apart taught me the funny side once you realise the part you've been pulling at and kicking for the previous 2 hours actually has a hidden fixing! At least some people say it's possible, glad I'm not being too mad!
  5. What are everyone's rough build times for their kit car? I'm hoping to build one between now and summer, I already have the donor car just about in bits and the kit is being collected soon. Ambitious?
  6. Hi all, Does anybody know of any motorsport teams using the Zero as a race car or anyone regularly racing their Zero? Might be something I look into after building mine. Cheers
  7. Oh right, I wasn't sure. The guy I'm working jointly with believed that the roll cage would fail an IVA? If he's wrong then I will be more than happy to tell him! haha! Cheers
  8. Hi all, Can anybody help me out here? Obviously GBS do a roll cage version of the chassis which is built in. My question is how does that get through the IVA? Or is there a different test for cars with a roll cage? Basically, at work we are looking to run a project with our apprentices where they build a kit car. We obviously need a pass/fail criteria and for a road going standard chassis thats easy, the IVA test. However, as we plan to let the apprentices loose on a track afterwards, we need a roll cage for that extra bit of safety and peace of mind! Looking into it, we found that the roll cage won't pass the IVA so we need an alternative way. Hopefully someone can help as I'm sure I've seen a few cars with roll cages on the road.... Cheers, Zach
  9. I am borrowing a engine hoist from a friend, unfortunately they aren't available to help. I don't have access to a angle grinder (1. not trusted with one and 2. have no power in the garage ) I guess it will be a case of taking things off, labeling them up and seeing what comes off to move it lol. Seems to have been working so far! Also looking like a trip to find some funnels and containers for all the fluids! Still looking for someone to lend a hand if available, would be much appreiciated! Cheers, Zach
  10. Hi All, I have been stripping a Mazda MX5 Eunos Roadster for donor parts for my GBS Zero. I was wondering if anyone in the Cannock area have had any experience of doing this and/or could lend a hand? I have never dropped an engine before and would be extremely thankful if someone could be on hand with help, knowledge and an extra pair of hands. PM me if you can help, I'm looking to do it between Wedbesday and Tuesday (12/12 -> 18/12) next week. Cheers, Zach P.s. This is a blog I've put together for anyone who might be interested in following http://zachsgbszero.blogspot.co.uk/
  11. I was going to say solid rubber. There is always that emergency tire inflator foam stuff you can get from halfords etc? Thats worked a treat on car tyres but not sure how long it lasts. Like most puncture repairs it always says go straight to a garage. Zach
  12. Yeah true, I had a company in Southampton ask me to take it down and they'd give me £300 for it! I told them it's no longer road legal or driveable and they are more than welcome to bring a flatbed truck to pick it up. Haven't heard from them since.... Just gotta make sure I have the space to store the parts until someone needs them. Maybe dent a few MX5's in the local area. Haha!
  13. Yeah I have seen verious different ways of doing it, was hoping to basically put a single advert up but I can't seem to work ebay the way I want. I think you're right, probably put up a couple of parts and in the listing say other parts are available. Where is the MX5 owner who will just take all of it for a good price??? lol
  14. Yeah I've tried to get on the MX5 owners club forums but as you do here, you need to be a member to sell/offer parts plus have 2 months of "active forum use" Was hoping to find an easy/cheap way to off-load the parts. Looks like ebay will have to do...
  15. I was hoping there was something easier than that lol. What are the ebay fees related to selling items?
  16. I'm currently breaking up my Mazda MX5 to use as a donor. I'm trying to sell the unneeded parts on ebay but can't seem to get it working as just an advert as a whole car instead of individual parts :S Can anyone lend any tips/advice on how to go about selling these parts or any suggestions as to where I can advertise easily? Cheers
  17. Thanks all for the inputs. Stewart, I have mailed you. Terry, I will probably require a little bit of guideance, was thinking of stripping back most the body work to leave basically a rolling chassis to aid space-wise, then start removing the essential bits once I have made enough room (space is very limited!) What process/route did you take when stripping the MX-5? I do plan to sell ideally everything I don't need, it was quite well looked after when I bought it and I have been driving it for the last 2 months to ensure everything is working well, which it is. Will be a shame to swap back to my boring Punto afterwards once the breaking begins! From when people were ordering kits, where there any items which proved to be/would have been, extremely helpful during the build? I know the powder coating is pretty much a definite from everything I've seen, just wondering about anything else? Cheers, Zach
  18. I have spoken to Keith so far, been up for a visit, I've been told its pretty much the same as the Sierra Version so the completion parts I'm guessing would be them same? Either way, any info would be a big help
  19. Hi all, I am looking at buying the MAzda Zero Kit from GBS, it is my first endeavour into the kit car world and I'd be needing a bit of help! I was wondering if anyone had a build sequence or list of parts they bought as I am looking at the Starter Kit and going from there. I already have a donor vehicle and will be using it, but I am lacking what other components would be needed to complete the vehicle. I'm currently in Cannock if there are any owners nearby who would be willing to have a chat about their experiences and lend a few helping tips/tricks. Cheers all, Zach
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