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  1. hi all, Monday afternoon and just got home, had a fantastic weekend starting on Thursday evening and finishing today(3 different campsites) agree with all other posts about donington, probably biggest and best turn out of cars and members over the whole weekend, lots of campers on both nights and as for the food on Saturday night was a club effort with others contributing with what they could, not just andrea and myself doing it all (we can't do garlic breads), we see it as being a way that the club members can all have a get together in one group and put names to faces,have a chat, and a good laugh, a big thanks to mo and bob for dessert two big trifles in a tent was quite an achievement, THANK YOU, good to hear shaun got home ok with no issues, and to top it all off we have done about 180 miles this weekend bobbing about here and there (I know it's not much compared with some members) without a single problem, again that's thanks to a fantastic helpful club(who sorted my mechanical problems out) of which i'm proud to be a member of, thank you all, now looking forward to the national meet, cheers ivan and andrea (and yes she does like the odd bottle of red now and then)
  2. got a surrey and 1/2 doors already, wanted a bit more protection, not much more from full gear I know
  3. donington park farmhouse hotel, if anyone wants to join us
  4. campsite booked and paid for, but thanks, we're also camping sunday night somewhere near donington I think
  5. hi all, i'm considering fitting the full wet weather gear just wondered if anyone has a descent one for sale, it's for a 2B,in the Yorkshire area would be handy, thanks ivan
  6. ok, shafts got cheese ,,,,, bob and mo got dessert,,,,,,cma (rob) got a few baguettes
  7. hi all, we're going to donington on Friday, just wondered if anyone else is and are you all meeting up somewhere and travelling in convoy to the show, we are starting Friday from matlock (camping there Thursday night) I think we can get in after 12 and not before, cheers ivan
  8. thanks Stephen, thanks nick, yes fetch your pots if you have room, i'm sure they will come in handy, if anyone wants to contribute they could provide pasta breads and cheese, we've got the Bolognese sorted, just let us know who wants to get what so that we don't end up with lots of one thing and little of something else, don't know how many we're catering for so we will estimate around 30, cheers ivan
  9. that would be a great help, will be ideal for the pasta, when you say big pots do you mean cooking pots?
  10. Hi all, just wondering how many are camping on Saturday night at Donington, Andrea wants an idea of how many to cater for, spag bol this time, I expect about the same amount of people as last time give or take a few, if anyone with ovens could do garlic bread that would be a great help, thanks ivan
  11. Well done everyone, what a great welcome to a new club member, don't get much better than this, I'll be there but I'll leave all the spanner work to those who can, will be watching and there to help if required, might get Andrea in a nurse outfit mopping brows and passing tools, looking forward to seeing it all happen, Ivan
  12. cheers Richard, just think model steam engine size
  13. hi all, i'm after some angled steel or aluminium just to make a small frame, about 48"x16", 1" or 2" square section, or anything near that, just wondering if anyone has any spare in their garage for sale, around south Yorkshire area, or know somewhere cheap to buy from, cheers ivan
  14. just measured my spare one, 205 mm in total, with 30mm manifold and 42 mm k&n filters, ivan
  15. Seems to be every time Andrea gets in the car
  16. Seems to be every time Andrea gets in the car
  17. hi all, like femster i'm not havin a great day either, got the kit running at its best last weekend, thanks to a bit of club help, so today got home from work thought i'd give it a bit of a clean before taking it out for a spin, thought i'd take andrea out for a glass or two at a country pub somewhere, she was well up for that, alls good I get to play she gets to drink red wine, perfect,,,, so we set off nice and steady, 1st gear, into 2nd and clutch cable snaps, oh bugger, I thought, not even 100 yards, don't think i'm destined to enjoy a kit car, luckily not to far to push back home, so that is the job for tommorow , ivan
  18. see you all there, bonnet clips staying firmly shut for once, a trouble free trip out, (fingers crossed) ivan-andrea
  19. ivan the terrible

    R/r Session

    good 1 mick, tempted to get mine booked in, just for curiosity
  20. was that the noise in your head, each time you banged your head on my bonnet???????
  21. Thanks must go out to you guys,,,,,,,,, I put a out a call for help and you guys respond, travel over, fix my car, and ask for nothing in return, so things like refreshments and a bbq in the rain is just a small token of appreciation for the help that you give, so once again THANK YOU, looking forward to having a good trouble free run out, ,,, , cheers ivan
  22. No need to bring anything for the bbq, and if it's raining I'll cook under a brolly, won't be the first time, same time as last week for everyone? ivan
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