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  1. hi all, me again, had my kit fixed yesterday(sunday 21st) when I made the 1st posting "a cry for help" it got a bit confusing towards the end as to when people were coming round, was it 21st? or 28th?, anyway a few offered to help but thought it was the 28th, so didn't call round, I was advised to get a new cam belt and the lads would help me fit it, SO next sunday the 28th I would like some help again and we will have another BBQ for all who come round, the invitation is open to anyone who would like to call round, including parteners and kids, either to help or watch or just take the pi##, if you can make it PM me and let me know, cheers ivan
  2. still doing next weekend, Sunday again, might have something to do on the kit, either way we'll have a bbq, all invited more the merrier. Ivan
  3. hi all, as title says,,,,, I've been rescued again,,,,,had issues with my kit so Simon B, Dan E, Mowerman and Steamer called round to mine and hopefully and finally got my kit sorted for me, changed dizzy,coil and HT leads, set it all up and got her going, a little tweak here and there and a quick road test, and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,went like a dream, slight bit of hesitation on exelleration, so tweaked the timing a bit, next road test, thought i'd go a bit further this time, took it steady over the speed bumps, once they'd all gone, went round the corner where I usually floor it,,,,,,, so floored it this time,,,,,,,and it did something its never been able to do before,,,,,,,, in 2nd gear the wheels span and the backend drifted out,,,,,,,,,, as I say it's never been able to do it before,,,, SO OF COURSE I WASN'T EXPECTING IT TO HAPPEN,,,, BUT IT DID AND I WASN'T READY FOR ITAND IT TOOK ME BY SURPRIZE (a bit like SHAFT sneaking up on the wife!!!!!) anyway as you may have guessed,, I lose control go up on the kerb and,,,,, puncture the tyre,,,, so a flat tyre and a couple of brown trouser marks I go back home,,,,, south Yorkshire mob waiting and yes the pi## taking starts and will probably go on for quite a while longer,,,,,, I think my user name might change to,,,,,ivan the terrible,,,,,DRIVER,,,, I think now I have a car that is doing what it is supposed to do means I have to now learn to drive one, i'm sure i''m not the 1st to have done this and i'm sure it may happen again, i'll just be ready for it next time,,, anyway i'd like to give a BIG THANKS to the south yorks mob once again, and also a big thanks to the south yorks SWMBO'S for helping andrea on her little project, cheers ivan :)
  4. hi all, dan e and steamer have kindly offered help this sunday(21st) at about 1ish, if anyone else wants to pop round and help or just take the pi## you're more than welcome, send me a pm and i'll give the address, thanks ivan
  5. ok, thanks for all the offers, if some of you can call sunday then I think dan's right get it done and have some fun, look at that I'm a poet and didn't know it, those who can come sunday PM me and I will give you my address, also if parteners and kids would like to come they are more than welcome to socialise with andrea and take the p#ss out of us as they do so well, probably do something to eat too, maybe burgers on the BBQ
  6. Right, just been told by SWMBO to make it next weekend and to bring partners and kids and make a party of it, BBQ and sunshine, if that's any better, a bit more notice
  7. good 1 we can laugh about it now :rofl:
  8. hi all, especially the south Yorkshire section, would like a bit of help on the kit, possibly this weekend( sorry for the short notice) if not then maybe next weekend, as most of you know my kit likes to break down (a lot) so I think its time to try and stop this happening, 2 reasons,,,,,, 1 - we're fed up of it happening(cos we end up stuck in laybyes for 15 hours) and, 2- we're missing out on this kit car weather, anyway bought an accuspark kit comprising of a new dizzy,coil,rotor arm,leads and plugs, would just like a little or a lot of help putting it all together please, also my indicators have stopped working, so have removed the bonnet to gain better access and found that the wiring is a mess behind the dash with lots of ends of wires just hanging about, so could do with someone to help tidy that up if possible, of course you will all get fed with either bacon or sausage butties or an afternoon BBQ (or both) and lots of drinks and bikkies provided by the rhocar camp cook(andrea) hope you can help ivan
  9. ivan the terrible


    hi all, some of you may have read the wifes (andrea) rant about our experience with the AA returning home from hollowell, well after a very long detailed email to them we had a reply saying that they would look into it, then today had another email saying that they were sorry and that the service they gave was not to their usual high standards that they try to achieve, and that there is a small amount of compensation coming our way for the inconvenience we had, so all is good now,,,,,,,,, will see what happens the next time one of my cars breaks down which i'm sure one will sooner or later cheers ivan-andrea
  10. thanks to you all, this is the Andrea by the way, we spent most of last night drafting a strongly worded email, which we have just sent. as I said to them I seek no apology, regret or excuse just a 2 week all inclusive holiday abroad for us and everybody we know, including the kit car rabble xxxx
  11. thanks for all the comments, we have called the AA out a couple of times before and been quite satisfied with the service, just on this occasion I think we just chose the wrong night to break down, I think the main problem with it all was a lack of communication from their side, both the AA and the other recovery companies that they used,it was me who had to phone them every hour to find out what was happening, if they had told us from the beginning how long it was going to be we would have gone back to the RHOCAR party at hollowell and made our way home on sunday, all that and no swear words, ivan
  12. hi nick fitted new coil but she still not starting, back to the drawing board for me
  13. what shocking language , to think i'm married to her
  14. ivan the terrible


    as you may have read in the hollowell report we broke down again, mark b and shaft came to our rescue but couldn't get us going, this was at 6,20pm on Saturday night, so I called the AA , told them what was wrong that the ignition coil had gone and unless one of there guys had one on their van we would need a recovery truck to get, us ,the kit and a trailer all home, ok the man says will put you on priority will be sorted within the hour, couldn't have been more wrong!!!!!!!! CALLED THEM OUT AT 6.30pm AND WE WERE HOME AT 10.10 THE NEXT F#####G MORNING!!!!!!! NEARLY 16 HOURS!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. The itinerary of our nightmare as follows. 6:30 called AA told by lying barstewards would be an hour, 6 1/2 hours later following several calls truck arrived, luckily we had been camping so we had chairs to sit on and blanket to keep warm, and for the first 4 hour a sense of humour. anyway despite telling AA that we had a trailer the F***ing idiots sent a lorry that couldn't tow, and wouldn't fit on trailer. like queen Vic we were not amused. 1/2 hour later another truck came and towed us to a "safe place" 1/2 mile away. now excuse my French but we thought we were going home not to a "safe place" the w*****r dumped us on a laybye on the edge of the f****ing, B*******d, W******g, C******g A14 in the dark where to my mind we could have been killed, accosted, mugged, raped, buggered or even cuddled by SHAFT by surprise and from behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, we spent 2 F*******g hours there in fear of all of the above. The AA arrived again 2 hour later and loaded us up after asking how we were, f******g P*****d off you A**** F*******g T*t W********r was our response. he then shared the exciting news that he was only taking us to Trowell services which was met with a smile and thanks for nothing you C*** S******G A**** Bandit. to which he replied he dint give a s***t he was retiring soon anyway W******r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. we arrived at trowel at 4:50AM. went for a coffee n something to eat (we hadn't eaten since 1pm the previous day) anyway I fancied crumpet after having sausage all weekend. would you f******g believe it no crumpet, that was me done hysterical, hungry, tired, not a glass of red in sight for at least 12 hours and still scared that SHAFT was somewhere lurking ready to ponce. any way fell asleep on table in services for another 2 hours and would you T*****g believe it the 2 of the hairy a*****d t*****s turned up at the same time (just like buses) anyway got home around 10ish feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to go to my friends wedding *******NOT*********. in summary the AA are a bunch of T*t sucking A***e munching C***k banging anally retarded bunch of lying tosspots. I apologise if any body is an AA man within the club or if you have a close family member who is , I'm sure that you are not any of the previously described.i also apologis to anybody else who my foul langage , apauling spelling and bad grammer may have offended. I am obviously still distressed and mentally affected by our ordeal and may consider therapy if the next glass of red doesn't help. thanks for listening, ANDREA(wife of ivan the terrible) xxxx
  15. hi all, would just like to add my bit, me and andrea got there late Thursday night, within minutes the rhocar boys helped get our tent up for us, while andrea started her red wine drinking session with the rhocar ladies in the events shelter, got up Friday morning to have a look at my kit due to more problems, most of the boys were already out working and playing on tractors, started to look at my car and as usual those club members who were around all chipped in without question to give a helping hand(thanks lads) while andrea started the chicken curry, evening came and the food drink and banter flowed, nice to chat and get to know more members of the club at the shows, we both had a great night, Saturday came and couldn't wait to go round the show, bl##dy fantastic, something there for everyone to enjoy, unfortunately we had to leave on Saturday night so missed sundays fun, got all packed up and off we went, ten minutes later car dies and we're stuck, a quick phone call and the rhocar recovery boys were out in double quick time(big thanks to mark and nick) but no luck in getting us going so had to call out the AA, but that is another tale, all in all we both had a fantastic time and can't wait for next year , andrea would also like to thank you all for the gift :air_kiss: got them home in one piece, just. ivan & andrea :)
  16. me and andrea will see you all there, hopefully in the hood, it's 1st run out since breaking down on the way home from terrys, wish us luck, cheers ivan
  17. hi all,me and andrea are hoping to be down Thursday evening to camp over, as most of you will know we did a chilli at stoneliegh which we think went down well, we were thinking of maybe doing a chicken curry for Friday night for the campers, that's if nobody else has planned anything, what do you all think, thumbs up or thumbs down cheers ivan & andrea
  18. hi again, thanks to everyones input, it was a metal flexi pipe that had broke, had to use the required gynaecological skills to remove it, the skills that all you modern day mechanics need to have by the looks of it, just got to get a new one then refit it, simples (not), also a big thanks to biksz for popping round and giving helpful advice on this problem and the 2B, thanks stuart, once again thanks everyone, cheers ivan
  19. hi all, have a problem with the wifes Renault megane, dropped her and her mates off in town on a hen night, looking forward to quiet night in, just set off then suddenly car became very loud, like exhaust had gone, hardly any power, got home and had a look and all the noise was around the back of the engine and a strong smell what I think is burnt diesel fumes, took engine cover off and put my hand near and there seemed to be air blowing out could I be mistaken and it is actually the turbo that's gone? again i'm just guessing, welcome any input and ideas, thanks ivan
  20. looking good, glad you managed to get them sorted, agree with you about the club, lots of knowledgeable friendly club members out there all willing to help
  21. hi thanks for the comments, having it sorted by the professionals, mark b, i wouldn't consider having a go myself, cheers mark
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