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  1. No, unfortunately,daughters 16th birthday, havin a party through the day, so playing at being the host
  2. Hi Stuart, apparently not a lot of room at all
  3. thanks Mr Chairman, sorry but that don't mean a thing to me, remember im just a thick joiner who don't know much about cars, still looks complicated, is it something that you would take on at work? don't mind paying cos i know it has to be done, thanks ivan
  4. hi all, just bought a new viehicle for work, some of you may laugh, gasp or just think i'm daft, some of you might think it's ok, anyway it's a KIA SEDONA 2.9 CRD, it's done 68,000 on a 54 plate and needs a new timing belt, my question is how much roughly should it cost to have it changed, been advised to change water pump at the same time, if it had been the 2B iwould have done it myself, but it looks a bit to complecated for me, just wondered if anyone has had any experience of these at all, and their veiws, thanks ivan
  5. cheers marcus, got to be worth a try, as snapperpaul says, i'll work through a process of elimination,starting simple, how you doing with your carbs?
  6. ok, an update on my update, got new rotor arm, at the 3rd attempt to buy, fitted it and turned it over,,,,,,, and it fired it up,,,,,,,,,,, started on 2nd go, never done that before allways took a lot more to start it, took it fo a short run, ran very rough though, question??? if the timing was set to the old rotor arm could this have been sending incorrect info to the HT leads? if so will i need to reset timing to new rotor, and hope it runs better, ivan
  7. thanks guys, while i'm here just wondering how donalds reply is on the same post as my question?
  8. how do i attach a video? tried but keeps saying file too big, managed to do it with photos but not with video, any ideas, ivan As said by Zed, upload your video to YouTube, get the link and paste into your post. Image files can be uploaded OK, video files are too big for our storage allocation. Donald
  9. a pic of my ignition module, it seems to be a general motors one, so not sure what a ford one looks like or how or if it would fit
  10. no not replaced rotor arm, completely forgot about it, just been to get one, had to order it, pick it up tommorrow, battery is on charge will put in new rotor arm and give that a try, if that doesn't work then i'll try dizzy or module, will try and put a pic of the module on here, ivan
  11. didn't realise you were a builder mark(pic 3)
  12. hi marcus, can't offer any help but very interested to know how you get on and how big a difference there is, thinking of going on to bike carbs myself, keep us posted, ivan
  13. hi all, took the kit to terrys(tazzzman) he had the lads (mark-b,rob-cma and simon- round helping him refit his engine and clutch, so 1st of all did the compression test, all 4 cylinders read about 175 so ruled out serious engine issues, took carb off dismanteled all bits found nothing wrong there, cleaned all plugs and refitted, then checked dizzy, that didn't seem right, not quite at TDC, checked timing, set that correctly, started it up, well tried, eventually got her going but still not right, took timing belt cover off found that cam was 180 degrees out, altered that, started up much easier and ran much better, tweaked carbs a little then a test drive, much better just need carbs balancing correctly, so that was that, time to clean up and head off home, by this time terrys car was all finished, so as i set off terry took his for a blast also, things went well apart from a few spits and pops, then terry turned round waved me off then headed back home, then no more than 400 yards further it died on me, managed to start it but only another couple of hundred yards, then died completely, gave terry a ring he came straight out(thanks again) but couldn't get it going, so only 1 option, i put a match to it, only joking, called AA, 55 mins later nice aa man has to tow me home, thinks it might be the dizzy or the ignition module(if anyone has either in the back of the garage going spare and cheap would be a help),its now back in the garage have a look tommorrow, once again thanks to those who took time out to help,beer tokens at the next meet, cheers ivan
  15. just like to say a big thanks for all ideas and the offer of the south yorks members coming over to sort it, might end up taking you up on the offer, again this is why i had no hessitation about joining the club when i bought my kit, THANKS EVERYONE
  16. no not got servo brakes, had a look for bolt blocking intake hole but me being a thick joiner can't see one, (its probably staring me in the face)
  17. get the occasional spit back from the carb, and popping from the exhaust on deceleration
  18. no not done a compression test, could drive over to yours at the weekend, you're putting yours back together then aren't you?
  19. hi,went to stoneliegh in the kit and had an issue, a few of you will already know about it as you kindly had a look for me back at the campsite, the problem seems to be that cylinder no4 dosn't do much, car runs but very rough,pull out no4 ht lead and no difference in engine running, thought it might be ht leads, no, plugs, no, dizzy cap, no, rotor arm, no, had cam cover off everything seems to be ok, but i'm no expert, infact complete beginner, took plug out and it seems to be the right colour, a light brown, so i thought i would ask for your help and ideas, thanks ivan
  20. might come down and camp friday night then home on saturday night, if i get my application in that is.
  22. no unfortunately, also just realised that we are at a wedding same time as holliwell, might be able to make it on saturday
  23. also like to add that i had a slight issue with my car, and once again lots of great help and information was given, that was why i had no hesitation in joining the club when i bought my hood, a great bunch of members all willing to help a fellow hoodie(a newbie with very little knowlage of cars) out in a time of need, thanks again,especialy to graham who took various parts off his car to try on mine, ivan
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