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  1. Just like to wish happy birthday to my best mate, Happy birthday Andrea, thanks for being a brilliant wife, Love Ivan x
  2. glad to know she's ok Phil, really scary when it's one of your own kids, I've always said that drivers like that don't have accidents, but cause lots with their actions, good to know some people are willing to stop and help ivan
  3. never done it! always fancied it! put my name down! (subject to times)
  4. have been doing, just for my reference, never done this before
  5. engine coming out, fix oil leak, fix water leak, new clutch, general clean and tidy up of engine bay, chrome or paint cam cover and cam belt cover, and anything else that needs doing whilst it's in bits, just hope I can remember what goes where
  6. Cheers Rob, I'll take you up on your offer if I can, thanks Ivan
  7. Hi all, has anybody got an engine stand I could borrow, around the Doncaster area? Can collect. Thanks Ivan
  8. a big thanks from andrea and myself, was a good turn out and a good get together, only sorry we had to leave so early, Andy, well done that man, thankyou, ivan +andrea
  9. happy birthday Richard, have a good 1, ivan+andrea
  10. me and andrea too please, + 1 possible extra (daughter ABI) will find out for definite asap
  11. saw it happen, just on my way to the gents when they went off, everyone scatted like scared rabbits going in every direction apart from one old guy whos army training must have kicked in, cos he just dived straight down on the ground until all had stopped, then he popped his head up to see if the coast was clear, then got himself up and brushed himself down whilst everyone gave him a big cheer, well done that man, bring back conscription I say, it may have just saved his life
  12. hi agent-zed, I use the toolstation ones most of the time at work, on new house builds, find them ok, I use them in my mitre saw also in my circular saw and get quite a lot of use out of them, that is until I go through a few nails but for the price not too bothered, cheap enough to replace, end of the day it all depends on what your cutting, hth ivan
  13. We're here already, got here last night, up to now field is in good condition, bonfire looks good it's been topped off with a caravan, see you all soon ivan-Andrea
  14. you can put our names down, in caravan, possibly 2 caravans (my son and swmbo) is the camping just for the Saturday night? Ivan
  15. hi all, can't add much more to what has already been said, just that andrea and myself had a fantastic weekend, relaxed, quiet and chilled out, a good time had by all by the sounds of it, also andrea managed to get sun burnt, don't know how, she was in bed sleeping most of the time, really enjoyed the treasure hunt, and just generally chatting with people, definitely up for it next year, also car ran like a dream, best part of 280 miles without a hitch, about 10 miles of that was andrea driving round and round and round and round the show ground, says she might even drive it to the next local meet, thanks again ivan+andrea also says andrea---- only 2 hours to get home this time instead 15!!!!
  16. put my name down Marcus, cheers
  17. hi all, camping at hollowell is it Friday and Saturday night? also andrea fancied doing a slow cooked beef stew for Saturday night with crusty bread, what do people think? have noticed that phil has mentioned a bbq on Saturday night, if that's already sorted then we can leave the stew, aiso have any members got remote controlled cars? or other vehicles, could get races going, I have a nitro buggy I thought I would take, not used it in a while though, might need to tinker with it, Ivan
  18. hi all, won't be there tonight either, so will see you at hollowell at the end of the month
  19. Keeping trailer tent, will use caravan for family outings, trailer tent goes with the kit, can't get rid, she likes it too much
  20. Nice one Richard, we might be joining the rhocar caravan club, , looking at one tonight, will have to get Andrea towing with my car or driving the kit
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