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  1. I’ll take them if Foz doesn’t. Thanks Craig
  2. Very interested in these but am not sure when I will be passing to collect and pay Thanks Craig
  3. Yes although I’m using stand offs so the noggin out is a bit moot.
  4. Hi Traktor, I was under the misapprehension that I had this sorted. However, this has now fallen through. Could I therefor bother you for your spare nr side st170 engine mount? thanks Craig
  5. My apologies Lewis for hijacking your listing. Dean, I’ve been working on my zetec turbo build for most of this year. However due to having a young family my time is very limited although the new engine it in, I’d be interested in hearing about your ZT build. Thanks in advance Craig
  6. Hmm, food for thought. Although having re-read Blue’s post it would seem logical to assume that I have said gearbox. I’ve just about sorted the engine mount issue and will fit a cable and see what’s what. Watch this space…
  7. That would be awesome and thank you for your kind gesture. I did however go through the boxes of parts removed and labelled during removal of the na zetec and found exactly what you’ve referred to. I’m obviously having some elderly moments ahead of time as I now remember the removal perfectly but until reading the last post and then digging out the box labelled nr side engine mount I was at a loss. I now have a set of the steel tubes spacers which have just been painted. Any how, a big thanks to Tractor for helping out this rapidly ageing builder and for the other comments. Cheers Craig
  8. Yes, this i purchased some time ago in advance of this installation. I reverted back to the original m12 bar with a spherical head which mates to the fork and held in place with a spring clip. I’m then able to adjust from outside the bell by way of a locking nut. Actually works well. As mentioned having spoke at length with GBS on this I decided to go ahead with the install and test once in - I now have engine installation issues as per my new listing in engines. Looks like it’s going to be a long hot summer in the garage…
  9. So on to my next b**b hole!! Having taken out my na zetec in favour of a hybrid turbo zetec with st170 block I now find my next challenge. Anyone out there have an angle on the rwd st170 nr side engine mount and wishing to share? Please advise Thanks again Craig
  10. The gearbox originally came from GBS with remote gear shift and adjustable clutch fork but was never fitted - I purchased it from another zero owner. That said, I did chat with GBS today and discussed the issue which they say seems ok but the only way to find our for sure is to fit the engine and try it. So fitted the engine this afternoon - wow, what an effort. I took out a Zetec n/a and I’ve fitted a hybrid turbo zetec with st170 block blah blah and found my next issue which I’ll post in engines shortly. If you’re in the know then you’ll understand my predicament with the nr side engine mount! Arrrrgh! Any how, I’m going to go with GBS’s input and see what happens when I finally get this engine in. Thanks again for now, I’ll post back shortly. Cheers, Craig
  11. Hi Nelmo I think you undo yourself - I'm sure I take that position in builder speak... I spoke to GBS this morning and they assure me that I need their TRA0019 part which puts the clutch fork in the correct position. As it happens, I had bought one of these in anticipation of this very moment some time ago. The gearbox I had purchased had the original work around this issue, drilled and tapped and a M12 bolt with a filed end to fit the fork. This is adjustable as well but still gave this issue whereas the fork once engaged with bearing and pressure plate leaves around 1cm of travel for the clutch which is not nearly enough. I have an image of the fork at engagement of thrust bearing to pressure plate. As you can see it literally has around 1cm of travel before the fork runs out of space. Just to be clear, the bearing is a GBS part as is the fork pin. Any help with this would be gratefully received. Craig
  12. Hi all, hope you’re all keeping well. I am replacing the current engine gearbox package with a zetec, mt75 gearbox, prop, diff and shafts with the diff, prop and shafts in and done it’s now onto bolting engine and gearbox together and installing into the car. My issue today is when mating gearbox to engine with new release bearing from GBS I literally have about an inch of meaningful travel on the clutch release fork. My flywheel is a light weight turbosport item, the clutch plate is a cg 5 paddle and the pressure plate is from a focus rs turbo. Any help would be gratefully received in working out why I have so little travel between thrust bearing engaging with pressure plate and full travel of the fork. Thanks in advance Craig
  13. All sorted with supaforma making me a set of pcd adaptors. A big thank you to ‘theduck’
  14. Superforma will manufacture to my exact specifications - thank you theduck Just so you know, I opted for the GBS 'new front end' - wow, what a work of art but the hubs are 4 x 100 and require bolts rather than nuts so for anyone looking to change its a new set of wheels or PCD adaptor and widen the front track by 40mm (2 x 20mm). Should add some new handling experiences rather than try and poop myself on my local roads...
  15. Awesome and thanks for the information - will try them this coming week.
  16. Hi, as in the title Wanted 4 x 100 to 4 x 108 pcd adaptor x 2 wheels Thanks Craig
  17. To my knowledge this master cylinder like the Sierra has one piston but will have two cups unless I’m mistaken. Having given this some thought I am mindful to bleed the master cylinder 1st and then bleed the callipers which then brings about is own issues as a one man job.
  18. It’s a tandem master cylinder with each line going to a separate reservoir. The master cylinder like the Sierra has three outlets; two, one each for the front and a single for the rear brakes being spit at the rear one for each side.
  19. Hi All, This is probably a stupid question but I am wanting to convert my Sierra brake master cylinder dual reservoir to a fiat 19mm master cylinder with dual reservoir. Bleeding with the Sierra unit is straight forward but I’m wondering how I bleed the new proposed system using a single person gunson eazi bleed system with the new fiat based master cylinder noting that it will have two separate reservoirs. Also, how would I connect the low fluid and brake test light switch? Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance Craig
  20. I have a complete set of Yokohama prarada with a 1,000 miles on them - call it £100 for the set if you like - I replaced them over the winter. I’ll double check the sizing if you’re interested. They can be collected either from Doncaster area or Sheffield or can be posted. Cheers Craig
  21. All, I’m replacing my entire fuelling system with new lines filters and pumps. As in the title I’m after a Bosch 044 in-line fuel pump. If any one has one then please let me know. thanks again in advance Craig
  22. Thanks very much for input chaps. or, how about I shave some of the bush face to mount point? Is this realistic or am I just creating another issue?
  23. All, I hope this finds you all well. I decided to strip my Zero down over the winter ahead of new engine, gearbox, prop, diff, new front end etc. The rear wishbones have been sand blasted and have been powder coated a nice gloss black. I have taken the powder coat away from the inside of the wishbone mount tubes tubes to allow fitting of the new bushes and crush tubes. All lathered with copper grease etc. However, I am now in a struggle to fit the wishbones back to the chassis. My question is this - I am struggling to get a penny washer to either side of the bush when fitting the wishbones back into the chassis mounts. I suspect I am answering my own question, but is it good practice to take the powder coat off the ends of each wishbone mount point? Just wanted another opinion before I bolt and torque up. As ever, thank you very much in advance of any response/s. Cheers Craig
  24. I have two sets of cycle wings from my Zero BRG std cycle wings at 240mm wide Red aero cycle wings at 220mm wide Both sets are grp and were glued on to the cycle stays Please let me know Cheers Craig
  25. Might be able to help out - give me a few minutes I’ll get sizes and pictures ready - please pm me you preferred communication for images. Thanks Craig
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