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  1. Great, I’ll text you from my new mobile number, thanks
  2. Hope to see you there. Can anyone lend me a high-torque electric impact wrench with a 22mm socket ? I need to swap an altenator pulley, otherwise I'll arrive on a push bike next week,
  3. I hope you enjoy the run out. I wanted to come along but I've been swamped with preparations for finishing at work (taking VS). Hopefully I'll be out and about in August. Cheers Simon
  4. I’ve had some cold symptoms persisting for several weeks so I’ll have to err on the side of caution and hope to see you at the next one
  5. Can’t make it tonight, Mary’s not well. See you next time
  6. Mary: Goats Cheese - Grilled Salmon - Sweet & sticky nut slice Simon: Avocado & crayfish - Mushroom Stroganof - Glazed Lemon Cheesecake please, sorry for missing the deadline
  7. Blimey, that was an early cut-off date, sorry. Can Mary and I get on the list ?
  8. I remember that we got an invitation to Lyddington Fete from a couple of the chaps we met at Market Overton (they have a collection of vintage motorbikes they show off there). The date looks like May 11th 2019, based on some googling. I'll mention it at the next meet.
  9. At first glance the upgrade looks awesome, well done. Very glad the union flag's the right way up on the logo too
  10. Keith, thanks for holding registration open. Mary's suffering a fibromyalgia flare-up and has a wedding to do tomorrow so I will have to stay home and support her. Hope everyone enjoys themselves.
  11. Great job, please reserve for Mary and I and we'll have a look at the menu & PM you
  12. I'll be there about 8pm, testing my half hood in the wind ...
  13. Thanks Derek, you are a gent. Mary's going to join us for lunch if that's ok (CB is on her old patch so she'll meet us there) Prawn Cocktail and Spanish Omelette for her and Garlic Mushrooms and Lincolnshire Sausage & Mash for me deposit coming your way Simon
  14. I screwed up not booking for the meal but I'll come along on the run anyway
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