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  1. Planning to be there this time...
  2. Can’t make it this month, sorry
  3. Went from a 1967 GT6 to a 1980's Metro, due to family pressures. Horrible thing, knackered hydraulic suspension, blowing oil out the exhaust, then had to replace clutch and head gasket in the end. Spent more time trying to fix it than the GT6 ! Ended up replacing it with an ex-driving school Vauxhall Nova that'd done twice the mileage but lasted us forever.
  4. We're moving house that day, maybe a 50% chance we can get over but at least I can save on cooking dinner !
  5. I didn’t do the build, but the dowels look like the ‘bonnet pins’ you can buy on the GBS Kit Spares site, £15 for a set. Hope that helps, Smig (Simon)
  6. Hi, not been on the forum for awhile, just caught this. I'll get you a photo tomorrow.
  7. Smig380

    Christmas Meal

    Hi Everyone, we’re both suffering heavy colds, been hoping for them to break in time but no luck. We’ll not make it tonight. Hope you enjoy yourselves. Kerry, if we owe you anything please PM or text me some bank details . cheers, Simon & Mary
  8. Smig380

    Christmas Meal

    I'll have Chestnut & Parsnip Soup, Baked Butternut Squash & Spinach Gratin, Sweet & Sticky Nut Slice with Vegan Ice Cream Mary will have Beetroot & Red Onion Tarte Tatin, Sea Bass, Cheese slate, please
  9. Smig380

    Christmas Meal

    Mary and I can make it on 4th, looking forward to it
  10. Mine has three dowels along one of the long edges, these give enough stability for the four bonnet catches to do the job
  11. I’m suffering some heavy cold symptoms so I’ll stay away this time
  12. I’ve booked a pitch for the Friday evening, Mary has a wedding on the Saturday.
  13. I should be there, thanks for the chance to warm up the Pinto!
  14. Sorry to miss you Kerry. I’m setting off shortly now the rain’s passed through
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