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  1. Smig380

    Leicester Christmas meal NEXT SATURDAY

    See you there And
  2. Smig380

    Website feedback thread

    At first glance the upgrade looks awesome, well done. Very glad the union flag's the right way up on the logo too
  3. Smig380

    Leicester Area Meet 21/11/2018

    See you there
  4. Smig380

    Leics Area Meet Wednesday 17Th October

    I should be able to make it
  5. Smig380

    Leics Area Meet Wednesday 19Th September

    I'll be at TGHW tonight
  6. Smig380

    Nothing To Do This Weekend? Eosb 2018

    Keith, thanks for holding registration open. Mary's suffering a fibromyalgia flare-up and has a wedding to do tomorrow so I will have to stay home and support her. Hope everyone enjoys themselves.
  7. Smig380

    Leicestershire Kitmas Meal 2018

    Great job, please reserve for Mary and I and we'll have a look at the menu & PM you
  8. Smig380

    Leicestershire Area Meeting Wednesday 15.08.2018

    I'll be there about 8pm, testing my half hood in the wind ...
  9. Thanks Derek, you are a gent. Mary's going to join us for lunch if that's ok (CB is on her old patch so she'll meet us there) Prawn Cocktail and Spanish Omelette for her and Garlic Mushrooms and Lincolnshire Sausage & Mash for me deposit coming your way Simon
  10. I screwed up not booking for the meal but I'll come along on the run anyway
  11. Smig380

    Mad Mechanics Video

    Think I preferred the Lada to the Ferraris !
  12. Smig380

    Sausage And Cider Weekend With Camping 21.7.2018

    Aiming to pop across for a couple of hours, see you shortly
  13. Smig380

    Leicestershire Area Meeting Wednesday 20.06.2018

    actually going to make it this time !
  14. Smig380

    Fitting Wipers And Squirters Best Option

    I put wipers on my Zero a couple of years back. It was a mini motor and winding gear (cut to fit), with blades from eBay (again had to do some cutting) and a washer kit from CBS, used a solid plastic bottle in the end rather than the bag option. Did all the wiring with separate in-line blade fuses rather than disturbing the existing fuse box. Got through two MOT's so far.
  15. Smig380

    Leicester To Stoneleigh Sunday 6Th May

    Can't make it after all, need to help M out this morning