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  1. can be done then, i can see another project brewing
  2. Has anyone supercharged a pinto on here, always wanted a turbo or supercharger. I was looking for ideas for a doner car to supply the supercharger Its got to be easier than a turbo to put together, with similar results.
  3. i,m now joining a convey from alfreton which is going a different way, thanks anyway Dan
  4. think maplins sell a cheap one. Dan
  5. without speedtax cameras this goverment would be bankrupt, law abbiding people are easy targets as you register your car in your name pay roadtax insurance etc i see the odd camera in accident black spots but how can a cam van on the M180 be about safety 3 lanes on the quietest m road i,ve seen yet in my village where boyracers nail it at up to 80mph in a 30 no speed trap ??? Bit of a rant there sorry
  6. 900cc fireblade carbs might be better my pinto runs bang on with them and only 1.3 on the mains and standard needles etc it pulls from low down and revs freely to redline on the dyno there was no leaning out and it drives really well now loads of bottom end and pulls all the way to redline. The dyno guy said that blade carbs were the better ones for pintos.
  7. 2 or 3 would get me going if you have a number that would be great thanks
  8. any sort of lid would do they just need to be sturdy enough to withstand sitting on a burner for 1.5 hrs ? you have to boil the brew for this amount of time. Dan
  9. I,m poss going that way early sunday will let you know Dan
  10. I,m looking for some stainless steel pots of at least 10 gallons to convert into a micro brewery or is there anyone on here who could make such a thing at a resonable price ?
  11. What time you going and what route? only live a few mins from tesco
  12. Get one of those flash car washers it works great and leaves no watermarks.
  13. I know there is convey going from tibshelf services sat, but does anyone fancy a run from there early sunday morning instead ? Dan
  14. speedtripledan

    Bike Carbs

    You are not a million miles from where my bike carbs got set up torquetune opposite GBS in broughton, if you can get it there he will work miracles mine barely drove off the trailer when i got it there. if you haven,t already get a vernier cam pully that realised another 6bhp on his dyno. All for £160 well worth it in my book. Dan
  15. speedtripledan

    Bike Carbs

    My blade carbs have 1.3mm mains and the pinto fuels spot on from tickover to redline all set up on dyno.
  16. main reason for wanting to change is to be able to pop 60 without needing 3rd. sense bike carb conversion the car has so much more torque and power it is just feeling undergeared all the time 1st you either wheelspin or change up almost instantly and 5th can be pulled from 25mph. The other reason is my 3.92 is whinning a bit. and i've had the 3.62 lying around in the garage sense stripping a 2.0Ldohc h plate sierra 18months ago for spares. Had no idea what i had sitting there till someone else started the diff thread. Shame its not lsd. Thanks for your input. Dan c u at stonleigh if your there
  17. speedtripledan


    anyone know where i could cv boots for sierra drive shafts fords they are from a late 2.0L dohc
  18. was going to change my drum braked rear for disc just looked at it all the drum is a 3.92 the disc is a 3.62 what differance will this make to top end and 0 to 60 ? does this increase the gearing or drop it ? the car pulls 5th from 25mph at the min and will get to 110 no problem. Dan
  19. how about "bonnet may come off" ? it happened to me
  20. i,ve always found direct line unbeatable for me but always shop about as my disco this year was coming in at 1200 down to £220 me being me kept going and got it for £120 even my hood was only 137 renewal but got that down to 120
  21. mine sits about 70deg until i thrash it then can get to 90odd 1000mile old sense recon with good semi synth oil.
  22. my automatic fan switch is wired up with a manual bypass just in case and when it broke a couple of weeks ago i was rather glad i had put the manual bypass in saved me from boiling up in traffic
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