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  1. I,m 5ft10 and i had no end of messing to get mine so i could reach the pedals ended up moding/moving the pedal box closer the seat as close as i could get it and moving the steering up. Got there in the end quite comfortable now
  2. Has the engine ever run properly with the 38dgas? assuming its a pinto not a v6.
  3. what are the parking arrangements at stoneleigh ? i,e are all the rhocars cars parking together in the venue on a club stand/pitch. Dan
  4. I’m going to copy / adapt the design of my mate’s s2 exige diffuser, weather it will make any difference on the road at road speeds remains to be seen. Something to do so I don’t have to watch coronation st thou..
  5. speedtripledan

    Rev Counter

    I’ve got some auto gauges in my car and the green is always the signal wire not sure about the yellow it may be for a permanent 12v for memory of its back light. I did have an auto gauge revcounter and shift light in another car and that went faulty very quickly..
  6. my engine runs 60psi+ plus when reving depending on oil temp will drop to about 35psi at tickover. Have a look at mine when we meet up for a run Dan
  7. speedtripledan


    Dumb question perhaps but how can you identify an lsd diff ? Dan
  8. i used to take my 1200daytona over there till i high sided and smashed it to bits .
  9. You will have mine by the end of the month, pay day 25th then cheque in the post. Dan
  10. I also went the bestek route for my fireblade bike carb conversion, my car was dyno'd before and after the dizzy was swapped the peak power stayed the same which it would as the final advance is still 35degrees both bestek and the dyno guy said that is the max you need to go, the difference is in the the bottom of the rev range 12degree at tick over then a progressive advance all the way to 5000rpm The torque on my car is now better than when i had the EFI setup it will pull 5th from 25mph and revs smoothly all the way to redline. Really easy to fit as well. Dan
  11. my missus won,t go in my 2b either. Never mind I see your in alfreton fancy a blast out some day (without the missus) Dan
  12. I,ve got a 2Bplus and i,ve had to move the seat as close as i can to the pedals and modify the pedal box to bring that closer to the seat i,m 5ft 10 so 6ft + should fit at a guess also raised the steering column height and put a flat bottom rim steering wheel on to give a bit more room to move about when driving also if you have limited movement a snap off steering wheel might aid getting in and out. I got my 2B same reason as you wanting to replace bikes and it more than satisfies the itch Dan
  13. My main relay on the ignition is intermitently switching on and off after the ignition key is removed and switching any circuits left on i,e fan fuel pump etc anyone got any ideas or had this themselves its so random its really starting to wind me up and is proving very hard to fix. Or can any one recommend a good electrician in the notts derby area ? Dan
  14. There's no rhyme or reason to millage and springs snapping i,ve had 3 406 estates all went 150000 miles on original springs but the coupe snapped at about 80000, Ive got a 307 now with 110000 no probs but my mate who has the same car has just had 2 backs go at 45000 and the front went at 40000????
  15. My peugeot 406 v6 broke a front spring, strange thing was it snapped whilst parked on my drive with a bang that sounded like a gun shot going off. If it had a broke when i was driving it the tyre would have been ripped off the rim as the spring dug in. I put 25mm lowered springs on that as a whole set front and back was cheaper than 2 fronts from peugeot the only thing i noticed was the damping was not as good from then on, but the car looked wicked.. Dan
  16. The dyno i used torque tune is by Gbs worth a trip he knows pintos and bikes inside out only charged me £160 for a 4hr session Dan
  17. Not the best in relation to what other cars ? you have to be pushing pretty hard to get it out of shape on the road in the dry.. GBS may have a demonstrator. Dan
  18. I,ve already done this bike lights and indicators have a look in m garage for pics Dan
  19. I,ve thought about using the the vw audi 1.8 turbo they can be tuned way past the 200bhp mark. Anyone know of a rearwheel drive gearbox that would fit ? Dan
  20. speedtripledan

    Oh Dear

    I used to have my breakdown with them but after one rather bad experience i would not touch them with a barge pole, In 2003 i had a really bad run of luck started with my lpg car blowing up a few times next i had 3 bike engines blow up for various reasons then my girlfriends car had the steering wheel snapped off by an attempted theft all had to be recovered then the cherry on the cake i crashed my bike 1:30am on the cat and fiddle on the way back from some where called the AA but due to the amount of call outs that year they wanted me to pay over the phone £165 pounds before they would send anyone out i was injured in shock and very cold (November high up in the peak district ) i explained this to them but the could not care less. 2.5 hrs later a 7.5tonne recovery truck found me the guy in it was quite old and did not have the strength to move my bike and wanted to winch it up on its side with a hook through the front wheel. it only had scratches and a broken clutch lever. i had to do it or have the bike trashed further (3rd party fire & theft) i was in a lot of pain with my shoulder. even after complaints about the service nothing i,d been a member for years prior to that with very few call outs. Moral of the story is don,t use the AA and have fully comp insurance and don,t ride sports bikes over the peaks in the small hrs ice and bikes don,t mix. Dan
  21. speedtripledan

    Oh Dear

    And they were only doing about a 100 Dan
  22. Not set a date yet just sounding people out Dan
  23. With regards to the bestek dizzy set up, i bought that with a curve suitable for the spec i,m running on the engine and what a difference the set up runs better now than when the engine was standard. Not cheap but 1 live feed 1 negative to the chassis and i was up and running all with brand new parts last thing i wanted was unknown 2nd hand parts braking when i,m out and about. Ive had enough problems without adding to them. Good Luck Dan
  24. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a run over the cat fiddle buxton to Macclesfield its got to be one of the best roads in the uk all be it one of the most dangerous thinking of meeting in matlock early one sunday and taking a run up there via bakewell buxton then over the cat and fiddle finding a bacon cob on the way let me know if you are interested and i will plan something If not i will do my usual and go anyway. Dan
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