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  1. Hi Has any one got a weber 32/36 with pinto 2.0 manifold and linkages they want to sell??? Dan
  2. Cheers for the info i was going to try that to see at what point the spark stops, but until i find a linkage for the 38dgas now't is happening
  3. sorry mate sold it today thanks anyway.
  4. Hi, i,ve listed his email address, i paid £125 for a reconditioned 38dgas with manifold, he trades on ebay but as i live close i dealt directly to avoid the ebay risks. email him see what he can do Dan
  5. speedtripledan


    Hi, I,m after the linkage that connects the throttle cable to the carb (steel bar L shaped with lug on end for cable.) for 32/36 or 38's Cheers Dan
  6. Hi, I,ve asked this before but i,m hoping someone new may have some info i'm about to ditch the EFI system on my 2.1 pinto as i want to use carbs, does anyone know how to modify the ignition wiring to retain the use of the EFI 3 wire distriburtor and spark amp? i,m told there is a way of doing it but cannot find the info anywhere cheers Dan
  7. Hi Ive just bought a 38dgas from this guy he seems to know his stuff about webber carbs good prices nice bloke he sells and refurbs carbs ukcarb-specialist@live.com Dan
  8. My mate went to buy a scooby off ebay a while back he was told it was perfect so he traveled 100miles odd to view when he got there it was a shed unfortunatly for the seller my mate is a bit of a crazy nut case doorman. lets just say the guy paid his petrol and said sorry
  9. Hi, when i get home tonight i will take a picture do you want it emailed to you? Dan
  10. I know they are rare i had these on an old cortina mk5 many moons ago and it went like stink... was going to bike carbs but there seems to be to meny issues
  11. speedtripledan

    Twin 38s

    i,m after a set of 38/38 weber carbs (3.0L capri) and a pinto manifold Dan
  12. For sale:- 1 X lowered efi intake manifold, it came with a reconditioned 2.1 pinto i bought last year its painted and looks like it was done by a profesional £40 SOLD 2 x 2b+ origanal fit recaros good condition £40 SOLD 1 x lowered pinto sump it was done by gbs for me a while back £50 SOLD All these items are in derbyshire area could post sump and manifold at extra cost, seats collect only. Dan
  13. speedtripledan


    Hi, just wondering if anyone can advise me on fitting a rover v8 into a 2006 2b+ at the moment it has a 2.1 pinto on a type 9 box. What box do you use and how easy is it to fit the engine in the bay? Cheers Dan
  14. Hi, I choose not "impressed" cause i bought the car from robinhood 2 days before they went bust with a shed load of problems! despite it being sold as new with no problems 1 x new engine 1 x gearbox and a lot of messing with wiring loom i,m now impressed with the car but cannot figure out how to change the user name. Cheers Dan..
  15. Hi, After barkston i want more power does anyone have any figures for adding bike carbs to 2.1 pintos wondering what sort of increases/ loses you get. got the carbs allready thanks to my mate binning his blade... just need manifold from gbs. also what fuel pumps are people using mine is still using full EFI set up ( worth the money or not ) Cheers Dan
  16. Hi, I had a 406 v6 coupe peugeot a while back and standard discs would warp after 1 heavy stop i put brembo drilled vented discs on that with green stuff pads £370 all in and you could stop from very high speeds repeatedly with no problems but that car was heavy and needed it !! only drawback was the green stuff pads need to be warm to work 100% round town they were very wooden once hot though they really bite.. my hood has only got little solid discs on and normal pads and it out stops the old peugeot all day long and they never fade (even at barkstone on sat ) Good luck Dan They look better thou
  17. speedtripledan

    Barkston Heath

    Hi, Just to to say how much fun barkstone was 1st time there will do again if the chance comes. better tyres next time and bigger brakes.. i am impressed (notimpressed) now as the car did not brake down and nor did the disco pulling it ! also met some nice people Hope the guy with turbo cossy powered hood made it home ok with the missfire and clunks. Thanks to john as well Cheers Dan
  18. I also have one of these units in my 2b+ the rev counter works spot on i used the signal wire from the ecu (2.0L efi pinto) the fuel gauge also works but i,m not sure what the fuel sender is from, also the speedo is spot on i went out with my road angel and kept altering the settings till it was right. Dan
  19. I modified one of the prop bolts drilled it out enough to house the magnet off a magnetic pick up stick then bonded it in to the hole with chemical metal this has been working for some time now
  20. Hi, I had a snooper for a while until it broke, i swapped it and got the road angle classic been using it 3 yrs or more 60000 miles a year and no camera convictions mainly its good as reminder for when you aren,t paying atention. Highly recommend these devices ! Dan
  21. Hi, I put aero screens on my 2b, you do get the wind in your face and on a motorway it can be quiet severe , so i always keep a helmet in the car use it on longer faster runs and don,t on the shorter runs. mainly as i don,t wish to be shot by any debris. Having rode bikes for 19years i,m use to helmets its no different in the car to the bike. I prefer aero screens i,m in a tin top day in day out so the more different the better at weekends if you are anywhere near come out in mine and see what you think. Svc supplied mine. Dan
  22. Hi, Just wondered if any one knew if the dip stick that goes in to a 2.0l pinto was shorter with the rs alloy sump ? or what the oil capacity would be? Dan Reason i,ve asked is i was flying round a large rounderabout the other night putting manners on bike when i switched right to left i got a big plume of smoke erupt out of the exhaust the engine is a 800mile old fully recon 2.1 pinto so this should not have happened ! i thought the head gasket had blown or a ring had dropped but it is ok the 30miles home was perfect so i can only assume it is over filled with oil..
  23. I,m about to convert my 2.0Lpinto efi to run on bike carbs i.e fireblade carbs, 3 questions does anyone know what jet sizes work? how Can i use the efi dizzy ? and are the gbs manifolds anygood? Cheers Dan
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