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A Bright Future For Gbs


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Excellent news Richard, really glad everything has worked out and you've come through the dark times you were in. Good luck to you and everyone at GBS for the future.


Now do the proper thing - put your member number and postcode in, on the upgrade facility, and get your 2010 yellow banner under your name :D

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Am i missing something?? Didnt relise there were probs at GBS. I thought Ian was ok (the little i had to do with him)

But i glad that things are looking up at GBS and looking forward to seein more development in the cars-Any chance of a proper build manual??

All the best for the future Rich

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Glad to hear you have sorrted things out Richard, I wish i could of chatted more when i picked the Zero up but felt things were tense.


All the best for a bright future, I can feel an open day coming up?


well done.



Funnily enough me and richard were in talks last year about an

open day and guess who scuppered it

I'll get in touch soon

welldone btw

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Nice one Richard.


Pleased for you and 'Pops'.


Trust Ian Rowley is eating a large and bitter slice of 'Humbrol' pie ;)


Perhaps Baldy Fatty Forktongue needs some hAirfix :lol: :lol:


Looking forward to seeing GBS move forward.


If you want my two p's worth keep things simple. Tricky Dicky was not far off the mark with low price bulk kits. Quality and after-sales just needed lifting. Focus on getting two or three core kits right, getting the bulk side tuned and solid engineering underpinning design & manufacture which gives a kit which 'works' and I believe you will put the great back in GBS.


If you do not want my 2 p's worth please ignore previous paragraph :hi:


Good luck :drinks:

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I'm delighted for you and Dad. Good riddance to fatty forktongue bumwipe (well it is an open forum with rude word controls). You can now take GBS in the right direction and will, I'm sure make a great success of it. I wish you both all the very best.



I was going to say that but didn`t want to be rude so I`m glad you did. At last when you phone for something you might get somewhere.



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