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If You Were Prime Minister

The Modfather

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If you were PM, what 5 things would you change? Keep it clean and no naughty remarks.


Mine are:


1. No road tax. All vehicles will still display a type of tax disc, but this will also include details of valid insurance. If the disc or insurance is out of date, the vehicle gets lifted. The lost revenue generated from the old road tax will now be offset on the price of fuel (see below).


2. All senior citizens over 65 will have free travel, gas, electric, water and TV. They will also have a dedicated care worker so that none of them are left to fend for themselves, living in squalid accomodation not fit for the purpose. They will be entitled to a state pension. They will not have to pay for hospitalisation or any treatment on NHS.


3. Life means life. If you are jailed for a life sentence, you spend your life there. (I will not speak of seperate offences but we all know what I mean). Also, if you are given 10 years or whatever, then you do the 10 years, not half just because you were well behaved. You should behave anyway!


4. Any person claiming benefits will need to show that they are entitled to it. I know this is what is supposed to happen, but it needs better policing. If you are not seeking work (does not include persons who are physically unable to work) then your unemployment benefit stops. Any person who is entitled to benefit of any kind, should get it, in full, as long as they are entitled to it. Any person caught claiming benefit fraudulently will be punished, severely.


5. Fuel. The govermant must halve the amount of tax that they take on fuel. They currently take somewhere near 80% of the cost of a litre in tax. If this was half of that they would still be earning. However, in order to offset road tax as above, 15% will be added (taking the tax to 65%). Revenue will go towards better roads.


6. I know I said 5 things, but I think this also needs to be done. All police officers are to spend their shift out on the streets dealing with crime. No officers should be kept in the station doing paperwork. All paperwork should be totally minimalised, and CPS lawyers are to be at every station and complete all necessary paperwork. They will decide on every case (as long as it is charge ready) and that person will be at court within 24 hrs. That way, all case papers will be acceptable, and officers won't spend a whole shift having to redo them.

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I also think that any one moving to another country must be their and in work, for a min of 10years befor they can have , any state benefits, including houseing, and no iam not, it just makes sence

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I'd like to change this culture of fining/prosecuting 'soft targets' for the governments financial gain, because they know nice middle-class families will pay up and not kick up a fuss.


This covers everything from motor related fines to more serious stuff. With the CPS in particular, everything seems to be motivated toward getting an easy result, and not getting the right result. Police and other agencies seem to apply very little discretion, apart from who's most likely to pay up.


P.S. No, I don't read the Daily Mail :p

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1) reopen all the coal pits that still have plenty to dig, get out of work experienced miners in to train convicts how to do the job, lets have a proper meaning to "paying the debt back to society". prison pits.... the future!! there are dozens of other industries that could apply this kind of man power to better the country.



2) if anybody is convicted of any drink/drug related crimes and they are recieving benefits.... stop the benefits..... they obviously have too much money.



3) stop hiring cso's into the police force.... we have men trained to catch the countries scum... yet they are inside pen pushing whilst powerless wannabees are patroling the countryside and any other areas where there is sod all crime.


4) stop all sick pay in all government sector jobs, why should i have to pay for someone to have a cold when i don't get a penny.


5) stop paying for MP's travel and living expenses, i have to pay for my fuel, my home, my car and i do not earn anyway near what our governmental leaches earn.

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1) Bring home industry from 3rd world countrys. ok we may pay a bit more for just about everything (not as much as the few select profiteer Ruperts that sold us all down the river) but there would be jobs for all, so hopefully less crime, a work ethic and maybe a even few moral standards and then introduce food stamps instead of DSS benefits... Oh Yes!


2) Get out of Europe (no doubt we would have to so we could pull off number 1 above)


3) Ask America "where the hell is our share of the oil?" and tell them we are not going to be their 51st state anymore.


4) Scrap the IVA in favour of a more humane process.


5) Sell houses for what they are REALLY worth so 1st time buyers can have something relatively nice to dream about.


6) Well sorry but I need this one............. Ban the wifes hairdryer, which is set at a whine that is dangerous for a mans mental health.

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Guest gixerboy600

Now, do I get soap box out or simply be sensible??? O.K I've had a good day on the Zero! Here goes


1) Leave Europe


2) Put financial support in place for the disabled / disadvantaged that actually helps


3) re evaluate the speed limits on our roads and get rid of outdated limits (20mph in villages, urban areas, school and park areas but up limits on major roads)


4) Sort out the NHS, we all need it but lets at least have it funded properly


5) How?? Stop paying billions to other countries / immigrants / EU / Expenses / Bankers / The idle / Sop box creeping out, you get the idea





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1. Work-fair - If you are capable of work and have not found a job within 3 months, you do community work 5 hours a day or lose benefit. Run Nursery's so young parents can go back to work, sweeping, repairing community buildings, clean hospitals, cutting lawns for the elderly. Whatever. If you don't like it, GET A FRIGGING JOB!!


2. Affordable nursery places until the child gets to school age. These will be funded by Work-fair workers with a core staff managing the centres. This way, people can get back to work and make more money than sitting on their ass collecting benefit.


3. Stop fighting bloody wars. We don't need to spend Billions on Trident and the armed forces. Have a 10th of the Nuclear weapons we currently have as a deterrent and cut the armed forces down to 25% and the budget by 50%. This way, we have enough forces to protect our assets and they are properly trained and equipped with the latest and best equipment. Get the reputation that the British armed forces are the best in the world again and scare the Bejezus out of anyone thinking of getting on our wrong side (especially the French ;) ). However, we need to keep our noses out of conflicts that don't concern us. If a country has a different way of life or culture, good luck to them. If they have a Dictator, trust the people to get rid of him. If this Dictator threatens us, send in special forces to obliterate him in a surgical strike and get the hell out. Easy!!


4. Criminals. If you go down for 12 months, you do 12 months and not in a cushy cell with a play station and stack of porn to w*nk yourself to freedom with. You will be digging ditches, breaking rocks, working your ass off to get reasonable grub. You don't want to? Then you sit in a cell with basic rations until you do want to pay your debt and all the time you sit there, you're sentence is frozen. It's time you learned that if you get incarcerated, you get punished.


Anyone on more that a 3 month sentence to have the ability in the 2nd half of their sentence to attend life skills training to get them a proper job when they are released. All long term prisoners (over 12 months). To have a job and accommodation to move to as part of their release conditions. Make them hate prison more than anything and get them back into the community with some dignity and prospects to give them every chance of going straight.


5. Broken Britain. IT 'AINT BROKE!! We just allow people to get away with it. It's time for the communities to say NO!! Yes we have laws that protect the vulnerable but no longer can criminals and scum hide behind their "Uman Rites". You break into my house and I will batter you and when it comes to court, you get sent down for 12 months. The Law needs to be stacked against the criminals but the population, the people, communities, you and I need to say NO! Enough is enough. We will not put up with you spitting at people, going around in gangs terrorising people, dealing drugs on our streets. Enough is enough and if you don't want to be a positive member of society, you will go to prison until you learn the difference between right and wrong and what respect means.

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Knock-on, you don't by any chance listen to Radio 2 do you?


God I love it when they get their teeth into something and rip it to shreds, just like you have done. I totally agree with your comments but any job loss in the armed forces as you state, would have to be over a long period of time to ensure GB is not suddenly devoid of fire power in case someone tries it on.

The rehabilitation of offenders sounds good!


I agree that Britain isn't broke, the powers that be ARE. As you state, the slide is all towards the criminal and not the victim. I think it was about 2 years ago, and I haven't checked since, but there was somewhere in the region of 32 different bodies that assist the criminal, and only 2 that assisted the victim.

Where the **** is the sense in that? I'll tell you where. The more criminals they help, the more money they get from the good 'ole Government.

I also think that the duty solicitor scheme should be scraped with immediate effect. Why should a criminal get FREE assistance in getting away with crime?

If they had to pay for legal help, there'll be a sight fewer criminals in the system. :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: Don't get me started with defence solicitors.


Interstingly, there aren't many of you saying about the NHS with regards to pay and hours :huh:


MP's expenses????? Umm, there's a whole new thread waiting for that one :D :D :D Go on, someone start it.....................

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O.K. Daz; pay all M.P.s £100,000 & no expences; let them claim moneys spent on expenses against their tax return ( not the soft-headed Commons Allowance Commitee) not fair they cry, that's right, the whole of life ain't fair, if you don't like it get a proper job. Why should the people who make the rules be allowed to make different & better rules for them-selves? Also make their pensions benifits the same as ordinary folk.

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Do like radio 2 but only get to listen early morning / evening while commuting.


The problem is that we are involved in things like the current conflicts that we have no business in. Iraq?? WMD?? What a load of tosh. Our Government lies to us and we just bend over and grease up. We know Blair is a liar that took us into an illegal Law which resulted in the death of 180 of our Countrymen, 4,500 Coalition troops dead and the slaughter of up to a million Iraqi nationals since the start of the war. (depending on what figures you use). Then we have the then Chancellor lying at the official inquiry. We all know he's lying, the Inquiry know he's lying but yet again we have our head of state perjuring himself like some cheap Chav on a shoplifting charge. Yet, there is a very real chance these goons will be re-elected because the great unwashed (that's us lot by the way) have not said "enough is enough". We let them get away with it just as we tolerate anti-social behaviour.


If we tolerate Iraq, Afghanistan, MP's expenses, Blair lying, Brown lying etc and don't do anything about it, then who's to blame. The Government or us?


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me all the sodding time......

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Guest gixerboy600

Interstingly, there aren't many of you saying about the NHS with regards to pay and hours huh.gif



Sorry Daz seem to have forgotten that on in my earlier reply!!!


Time to set the record straight on the standards within our Hospitals which seem to have taken a battering courtesy of the Red Top Papers.


My daughter has been in hospital (ICU and HDU) since mid December, with the exception of 10 days or so, and all I see is a team of cleaners cleaning the floor, walls, tables, anything that moves or doesn't. They enjoy thier work and consider themselves well paid for the work they do! O.K that's cleanliness, now for the medical stuff. All I will say is that my daughter came close to death and actually did die for six minutes and the professionalism, emotion and genuine heartfelt concern I have seen in the Nurses, Play specialists, consultants, registrars and surgeons dealing with her case has been incredible!! We all know we have something to be truly grateful of here and yes the nursing staff don't get paid enough!!! But at the end of all this ranting the problem lies with our bankrupt government who would rather pay billions to be in the EU or anything else other than invest in our greatest asset

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pay all M.P.s £100,000


What !! :diablo: :diablo: They are already overpayed,in fact I recon 90% get more than twice what they are worth.

I think there should be a radical change to politics. MP's should be selected in the same way as you are for jury service

except you can't say NO under any circumstances and your term lasts a year and you can't be selected twice. Your payed £35,000 full stop. One final proviso if you show any interest in being in politics your are automatically excluded and have to spend your year working as a nursing assistant on their salary. And before anybody says they could not do the job please get your head out your behind and look around :aggressive: they certainly couldn't do any worse :shok:


Totally agreed on the rights of criminals verses law abiding citizens. You break the law, you give up your rights (other than those that are intended to keep you alive long enough to pay your debt to society).


Tony Blair, lovely man , well he is in europe after all he signed away that totally unfair 2/3 CAP rebate. Here in Britian many still believe in him whereas in reality he should have been tried for treason. (Shame they don't still use tower gate)



If you take your car in for repair and it comes out worse than it went in, do you still keep taking it back in the vain hope they might eventually fix it? :unknw: So why do we keep voting for the same usless examples time after time using the excuse that there isn't anybody else who could do as well !


To answer the original question


1) Change secondary school hours to 9 -5, aswell as overhaul the whole schooling fiasco. You go to your nearest school (no exceptions), they all have the same funding and facilities. Give power back to teachers.

2) Reinstate a proper apprenticeship scheme

3) Remove ourselves from the Lisbon treaty and have nothing further to do with CAP

4) Hang the St Georges cross flag from all public building in England (relevant flags for Scotland/wales). Make St Georges day public holiday.

5) Renationalize all public services (water,rail lecy,etc) and use those out of work for more than a year on large Public projects (high speed rail links, National water grid, Green energy pojects, etc etc)

6) Increase minimum wage to £7.50 and increase basic rate of tax to 25% over £15000

7) half tax on fuel and half VAT (have to leave EU to do that I think) :yahoo:

8) Immediately start charging 25% interest on all monies loaned to banks. Plus stop them paying dividens or bonuses until all debts plus interest are repayed.

9) Sort the NHS (so much needs saying it would take all day)

10) Get rid of IR35

11) Police to Police, office staff to do paper work.

and lastly but not leastly impeach Tony Blair.



The green colour fades as he steps slowly off the soap box.

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