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Building A Fuel Tank - Couple Of Queries


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I'm going to have a go at building a fuel tank and have a couple of queries someone may be able to help with....


1. Breather. What's the best way to install one? I want to avoid the tank self syphoning!

2. Cork gasket. I'm thinking of using cork when fitting the pump/fuel unit (will insert into tank from the top). Will any cork do or does it have to be fuel resistant (not sure if cork is naturally fuel resistant!)? I've seen some here which says its "Nitrile/Neoprene Bonded Cork material suitable for use with oil and water applications" - would this be ok?


Thanks for any help


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Hi James,


Both these breathers have a 'ball bearing' thing in them (you can hear it rattling around when shaken) that allows air in, but also forms a seal when inverted. Needless to say, they have to be installed in an upright position.


I would question the pure cork gasket being vapour tight. Unless you want to risk smelling unleaded I would go for a fuel resistant synthetic gasket material. I managed to procure an A5 sized sheet at Detling a couple of years back, if you don't need too much i'll cut you a little and post it up.


If you like, I can e-mail you some pics of my fuel tank / pump set up to give you some ideas. I did post a few a while ago, i'll do a search and hopefully post the link. http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=21052&hl=%2Bfuel+%2Btank&fromsearch=1



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i built a SS tank for my car. i made it the correct shape for the 2b so it sat down behind the diff across the back. The floor in the boot is now flat across.


I cut out the shaped hole from the original seirra tank with an inch lip of material. i then glued/riveted this into my tank so the fuel sender/pick up is the same as it was in the sierra, it just twists into place with the original seal etc.


i added 2 baffles in the tank to stop the fuel sloshing around.



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Thanks guys


I chatted to Steve (redspec) a while ago about fuel tanks for the super spec which got me thinking. I'm planning to do what you look to have done mr zed. Cut around the fuel pump/sender from the Ford tank as well as taking the plastic swirl pot. Then fit these into a fabricated tank. I'm going to have a go at making one out of mild steel. I know this isn't the perfect material, but plenty of the locost 7 builds take this route successfully. Will give me some good welding practice with my welder!


Al - how's your car coming on? Thanks for the gasket offer but think I'll probably need quite a reasonable size. Done a little more searching and seen this on ebay which looks like it should do the job. Your tank does look nice.


On the breather topic, my latest thinking is to maybe just use some tubing which is sufficiently high enough not to drain the tank contents. If it was a track car then could justify the £30 for a proper valve. But I'm really not planning on turning the car over...

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I used the "back to tank pipe" on the sender unit to vent mine, with tubing as high as possible. The tank fills ok but when full, and I take a left hand bend fairly fast, petrol comes out the tubing, so I have removed it and have a small hole in the filler cap instead.


HTH jon

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The stuff you found on E-Bay looks like the gasket stuff I have, similar thickness as well.


There are cheaper tank NRV/breathers avaialble, the ones mentioned above are approved for motorsport use I think, hence the elevated price!


My car is finished and hopefully will be IVA'd next month, more about this at a later date as there are some massive thanks to post. Have spoken to Richard at GBS and they are going to present it.


Hope the tank mod goes well.


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